Allocadia is enterprise marketing software for CMOs and marketing teams.

Allocadia Marketing Performance Management helps marketers manage their budgeting and planning for better ROI. From small teams to global organizations, Allocadia allows you to collaboratively manage marketing budgets quickly and easily – ending “spreadsheet hell”.

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Marketing Performance Management
A System of Record for Marketing Teams

By connecting marketing operational data to different systems such as CRM and ERP, Allocadia’s solution provides a complete picture of marketing data so CMOs can have clear visibility into their organization and marketing operations can quickly answer business questions from the C-Suite.

Budget Management for Marketers

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Today your team probably struggles with budget spreadsheets distributed around your business. Allocadia provides a familiar Excel-like interface that is easy to use, but avoids the inevitable errors.

Get Visibility into Investments

Consolidating spreadsheets to answer business questions takes time and is error-prone. With Allocadia, you can track everything about your spend – forecasts, commits and actuals – and consolidate with PO and invoice data from your financial system. With information at your fingertips, you can quickly get the answers you need.

Smarter Marketing Plans

Make Marketing Plans Strategic

Build marketing plans that link marketing spend to strategic objectives. When your planning starts with the desired result, your team stays aligned, and stakeholders stay informed on where and why marketing is spending.

Collaborate Without the Chaos

Empower your marketing team to share plans and progress, so everyone has visibility. Ensure alignment on priorities by including the people who actually own budgets in the planning process. Combine top-down plans with bottom-up detail and let Allocadia take care of the roll-ups and consolidation.

Better Marketing ROI

Connect to Marketing Results

CRM and marketing automation platforms capture great results metrics, but it’s not linked to marketing spend. With Allocadia, you can connect to these systems and get clarity on your marketing return on investment.

Quickly Answer Business Questions

With key marketing budget data all in one place, Allocadia delivers powerful dashboards and reports to help you quickly answer the C-Suite’s questions on forecasts or marketing contribution.

Activate Your Revenue-driven Marketing Team

Track all your investments and results in one place to help your team go beyond reporting to understanding the ultimate marketing goal –predicting revenue.

The Allocadia Path to Performance

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