Allocadia integrates with your technology stack to streamline workflows and put critical marketing performance metrics at your fingertips.

Allocadia is the central system of record for marketing teams.

We unify the marketing performance data from every piece of your technology stack, along with key data from your organization’s CRM and finance systems.

Our software combines the investment side of marketing (including budgets, plans, forecasts and actuals) with the returns side (including campaign performance, funnel metrics and opportunity data) to bring you a global, strategic view of ROI.

Allocadia Cloud Exchange

CRM Systems

Allocadia can bring in revenue metrics from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, including opportunity data such as won/lost opportunities, as well as pipeline generated. Marketers can report on this data using a variety of marketing attribution models, with the ultimate goal of linking investment dollars to results metrics for a complete picture of ROI.

Salesforce Integration with Allocadia
Oracle Integration with Allocadia
SAP Integration with Allocadia
SugarCRM Integration with Allocadia

Marketing Campaign Management

Funnel metrics are imported from the systems that create and manage your marketing campaigns. With these integrations, campaign data such as responses and conversions get pulled into Allocadia, enabling detailed cost-per analysis.

Streamline your marketing workflow: when planning in Allocadia, use our Outbound Actions feature to create campaigns in your marketing automation system, directly from within Allocadia.

OracleMC with Allocadia
Marketo Integration with Allocadia
Silverpop Integration with Allocadia
IBM Integration with Allocadia
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration with Allocadia
Pardot Integration with Allocadia
Hubspot Integration with Allocadia

Advertising Platforms

Advertising platforms typically report your actual spend as a single lump sum. Connecting Allocadia to these systems allows for a more granular, more performance-driven view of ad spend vs. actuals by campaign, ad group and more.

You can also view ad spend in wider contexts: according to business unit or region, for example — dimensions that are not captured in advertising platform systems. In addition, you can link ad spend to your committed dollars to identify ahead of time when it’s time to request more funds. 

Google Adwords Integration with Allocadia
LinkedIn Integration with Allocadia
Kenshoo Integration with Allocadia
Facebook Integration with Allocadia
Twitter Integration with Allocadia

Web & Social Analytics

Top-of-funnel metrics from web and social analytics tools can be pulled into Allocadia, enabling you to assess the effectiveness of online and social marketing activities.

Social metrics such as engagement and reach don’t always lend themselves to ROI calculations, but are still an important part of your overall marketing performance picture. They are also included within Allocadia’s analytics dashboards.

Hootsuite Integration with Allocadia
Google Analytics Integration with Allocadia

Financial Management & Procurement

Allocadia imports actual spend data from financial systems. This is the core of marketing performance: the “I” in ROI. Connecting ERP systems to Allocadia enables you to see planned vs. actual spend — a foundational metric for daily marketing management.

Connecting procurement systems to Allocadia brings two main benefits: First, as marketing plans are created in Allocadia, we can push that data to procurement systems — streamlining the data entry process for end users. Second, Allocadia imports procurement data to enable reporting upon committed spend.

Oracle Integration with Allocadia
Microsoft Dynamics Integration with Allocadia
SAP Integration with Allocadia
NetSuite Integration with Allocadia
Coupa Integration with Allocadia
Ariba Integration with Allocadia
Procurify Integration with Allocadia

Enterprise Resource Planning

Since financial planning tools are geared for finance professionals, their outputs don’t typically reflect the priorities of a marketing leader. When connected to a finance system, Allocadia provides marketing-specific views that enable strategic decision-making.

For example, a CMO may be assigned a top-down functional budget target for a particular region. However, she may need to allocate those dollars according to strategic objectives. Allocadia provides both views to facilitate strategic planning from virtually any perspective.

Allocadia also helps manage budgetary requests, approvals and associated budget transfers.

Oracle Integration with Allocadia
SAP Integration with Allocadia
Host Analytics Integration with Allocadia
Anaplan Integration with Allocadia
Adaptive Insights Integration with Allocadia

Project & Asset Management

Allocadia is an ideal complement to project and asset management systems: our Outbound Actions feature lets you kick off a project or task directly from within Allocadia. Planning to exhibit at a conference? Simply add the line item to your plan in Allocadia, and click a button to initiate the workflow in your project/asset management system of choice.

Workfront Integration with Allocadia
Basecamp Integration with Allocadia
IBM Integration with Allocadia

Custom Integrations

Does your organization use a heavily customized implementation of one of the technologies above, or a system not shown here?

Allocadia now has the capability to provide custom connectors. We can quickly design and deploy customized connectors to fit the needs of your marketing organization. Alternatively, your IT department or a partner organization can perform the development, with guidance and assistance from Allocadia.

No matter what your technology stack looks like, Allocadia can provide the integrations you need.

Questions about Allocadia’s data integration capabilities?