We have entered into a new era where marketers must make every dollar count.

Marketers have more responsibility than ever before. As technology has changed how consumers and businesses buy, it is the CMO who is leading their companies through this digital transformation.

“But with power comes great responsibility. And that isn’t just comic book wisdom; it’s also an apt description of what it means to be a CMO today. Yes marketing budgets are on the rise, but by taking custody of these dollars, CMOs are promising more and more back to the business.”

– Gartner’s 2016 CMO Spend Survey

Marketers today need to understand what’s working and what’s not.

But it feels like a nearly impossible task.



The amount of marketing data in the universe is growing at an exponential rate.


More technology

There are nearly 4,000 marketing technology vendors! CMOs allocated 3.24% of revenue to technology spending in 2016.


More channels

The mix of digital, social and offline channels is ever-increasing.


More spend

CMOs and Marketing now spend 11% of corporate revenue, and that number is rising.


More expectations

Customers do over half of their decision-making before contacting a vendor.



The people and skill-sets required to do marketing today continue to broaden.

So how does Marketing make this happen?

By making Marketing Performance Management a strategic mandate.

Marketing Performance Management is the processes, technologies and actions used by marketing organizations to plan marketing activities, evaluate marketing’s results against established goals, and make more impactful decisions.

Learn More About MPM

Read The definitive framework to Marketing Performance Management and assess your organization’s maturity level.


MPM is RUN marketing, while engaging with the customer is DO marketing.

RUN and DO are intertwined and inform each other: marketers must master both to succeed and to truly lead their companies through a digital transformation.

MPM technology delivers visibility into the core operational data of marketing needed to ‘run’ better: plans, investments, and returns.

This is like CRM for Sales! ERP for Finance! Jira for Dev!

It is the system of record and engagement that radically transforms how teams operate.

MPM radically transforms marketing teams

Before MPM
  • Data confusion: Data in spreadsheets and people’s heads; different truths and no system of record.
  • Static: Static, historical rear-view mirror, point-in-time measurement only.
  • Misaligned: Lack of alignment with CEO/CFO/Board; no trusted advisor status.
  • Limited visibility: Unable to answer core business questions; incomplete tactical-level attribution only.
  • Inefficient teams: Marketing continually disrupted for information on marketing plans, investments and returns.
  • Operational challenges: Difficulty answering core business questions.
After MPM
  • Data-driven: Data-driven and insight-driven marketing; one central location for all new and external marketing data.
  • Optimized: Proactively and continuously re-allocate investments to programs that drive the most impact.
  • Aligned: CEO/CFO/Board-level strategic alignment; spend aligned to company objectives.
  • Layers of performance insights: Layers of performance insights including strategic ROI & tactical ROI.
  • Focused teams: Engaged marketing team focused on DOING marketing!
  • Operational effectiveness: Demonstrating operational effectiveness and control of operations.












It is ultimately creating CONFIDENCE that drives us every day.


Bring confidence to every marketer in the world.

Leading-edge change agent marketers are embracing MPM today.


Jackie Yeaney

Red Hat

“The transparency that Allocadia gives is incredibly valuable. There has been a huge increase in trust on how marketing is investing and in the value we bring to the business. Allocadia gives us the platform to have the right kinds of conversations.”

“You can’t tell people to go do a goal without giving them the right instrumentation and data.”


Renee Bonvanie

Palo Alto Networks


Helena Lewis

Sr. Group Manager,
Global Marketing
Operations & Technology

“You can never have global insights if you operate in spreadsheets, that’s why it is critical to have a unified SaaS Platform like Allocadia.”

“Our marketing organization is keenly attuned to its contribution to the business, so we deploy technologies like Allocadia that enable us to make data-driven, strategic decisions that maximize our impact.”


Susan Vanin

Global Marketing

How Marketing Operations #RunMarketing.

How marketers use Allocadia to #RunMarketing.

With our Marketing Performance Platform, every marketer gains visibility and insights into their core operational data: their marketing plans, investments, and returns.

This equips them to make better decisions and re-allocate their marketing investments to the initiatives and customer experiences that drive the most business impact.



Create, collaborate and share marketing plans that align with company objectives and communicate the business impact of marketing – empowering all marketers to plan strategically.



Manage global marketing investments and approvals, connect to ERP, and create scenarios – delivering the ability for all marketers to make data-driven investment decisions.



Collect planned revenue goals and apply conversion metrics to forecast and predict revenue impact, bring in actual results data from campaign and CRM systems and apply attribution models to prove business impact.

Our Team

We’re thrilled to be working with our customers to bring marketing performance insights — and confidence! — to every marketer in the world. It’s what we’ve been doing since day one when our marketers-turned-founders started Allocadia.


Our Values

As we work together as a team, and with customers, partners and stakeholders, we are guided by our core values.


We are an unstoppable team and community who believe that by working together we can accomplish extraordinary things.


We believe constant innovation is the key to the future. We are inventors and creators.


We are focused on building programs with strong fundamentals, so we can deliver long-term value to our stakeholders.


We are passionate, driven, and take responsibility for delivering high impact results.


We create a positive mindset. We re-frame challenges into opportunities, and we are strong in adversity.

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