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100% of our marketing dollars are connected. We now have a central place to connect marketing activities and spend to other parts of the lead flow mechanism.

Harris Thamby

Harris Thamby|Senior Program Manager, Sales & Marketing IT, Global Ops


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Scattered and incompatible data

When the budget is saved in one place, projects in another, and campaign data in a third, it’s nearly impossible to connect them and create actionable insights.

Disconnected investment and results

With execution data trapped in siloed systems, and investment data housed in archaic spreadsheets, marketers are unable to create a holistic view of their planned activities and intended results.

No clear path to ROI

Marketers waste enormous time connecting and analyzing data from disparate systems. With different levels of granularity and data hierarchies, it’s hard to roll everything back together to create accurate, consistent, and timely reports.

77% of global B2B marketing decision makers revealed that lacking the ability to measure results is one of their top marketing concerns.

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Allocadia’s Solution

Allocadia helps marketers build connected data sets for accurate, timely, and actionable insights and link data from marketing execution systems to the budget and plan.

Create a data structure where it all starts – the plan. Use metadata to define a common and consistent taxonomy and language across systems.
Automatically create a unique Allocadia ID for every marketing activity in the plan and provide a continuous thread of information about it across other systems.
Join accurate “I” data and “R” data during ROI measurement. Connect investment data from Allocadia with marketing results data from CRM, Marketing Automation Platforms, advertising, social media, and other systems.
Connect marketing activities, metadata and investment data from Allocadia with projects and tasks in project management systems and integrated campaigns in content Marketing systems.
Push Allocadia data to an external data warehouse or BI tool with connected data sets using the Allocadia ID.

Benefits for Marketers

Set the stage for stronger decisions

Provide actionable marketing insights and better measurements with connected, consistent, and clean data.

Create a clear path to ROI

Set your data up to measure multiple, accurate views of ROI and impact on the business.

Gain visibility into all global marketing activities

Get greater insight, from the budget and plan to execution, and see how it all comes together.

Allocadia helps us capture all of the important dimensions upon which you want to calculate ROMI, and we connect the data that we capture in Allocadia with various other marketing systems that we use to get very accurate return on marketing investment metrics.

David Schermbeck|Senior Business Analyst, Red Hat

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