Delivering long-term customer value is in our DNA.

As Allocadians, we believe that even in the world’s largest, most complex marketing organizations, the fundamental role of software is crystal-clear. It’s not about saving time or improving workflows. Quite simply, the purpose of software is to make people more successful.

We believe that software is only part of the equation in making a positive impact on marketers’ careers. Our people are the linchpin. Early in our company’s history, we made it a strategic priority to build an outstanding Customer Experience team with an unmatched depth of expertise. Today, that team is a major element setting us apart from our competitors.

Allocadia has what it takes to bring significant, lasting value to your marketing organization. We’ve got our best people on it.

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“Allocadia worked with us through every step of the way and made sure we had what we needed. More than that, they have answered every question efficiently (and I have plenty) and are so kind.”

Erin Ashcraft
The Learning House

Jocelyn Brown
VP, Customer Success

“I lead a team who will walk alongside you through your long-term journey with Allocadia. Our mission is to make sure you realize the value of your investment with Allocadia. We are there first to help get you access to the right people, practices and peers to help you achieve the business goals that made you choose our software, and often much more.

One of our goals is to help our customers position marketing as a business partner rather than cost center in their companies; their strategic data-driven input should be considered fundamental to driving the business forward. We’ve done our jobs right when you get more value than expected from us, and in turn, are able to deliver more value than expected back to your own business.”

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Jocelyn’s Impact Story

“We’ve built an incredible partnership with Red Hat, a billion-dollar software company. It is a collaborative relationship where we are constantly learning for each other. Whatever time they invest in sharing challenges and successes with us, we aim to give back to them tenfold. We then take what we learn with this customer and bring it to bear for other customers.

T.J. Begley
VP, Solutions & Services

“Our team’s job is to ensure that all of our customers get maximum value from the software purchase which they’ve made. A valuable solution isn’t achieved by merely buying some software licenses – it has to be made fit your business, while your users have to be enabled and educated to get the most out of it. That’s exactly what our team does.

At each stage of your life with Allocadia, you will have touchstone individuals to guide and assist you. You’ll get to know our Professional Services consultants during your onboarding, the Education team while enabling your users, and our Support Specialists during your ongoing usage. These Allocadians are true experts whose only goal is to bring you success with our product, and they are motivated to build strong relationships with you in the process.”

TJ’s Impact Story

“My entire career has been spent using technology to deliver impactful change at global enterprises. I get huge personal satisfaction when I see my teams and team members solving complex problems for the world’s largest organizations. And I love getting involved myself, rolling up my sleeves when it helps these customers.

A great example of this complex problem solving is the way in which we work collaboratively with a Fortune 50 tech customer. They have a strong internal project team, who we’ve paired with a great team from our Professional Services group. Together, they have come up with some innovative ways of using Allocadia within their complex landscape, and enabling their multi-billion dollar marketing spend to be better coordinated and understood and to have more impact.”

You’ve got a vision. We’re here to help you achieve it.

No matter their role or industry, there is one thing that unites our customers: they each have a vision for change.

While the specific steps vary, each customer envisions a journey towards becoming a best-in-class marketing organization. It’s what motivates them to undertake the challenge of changing the way things are done in an enterprise organization.

We are honored to be a part of that journey, working alongside you. From your first phone call with us to providing ongoing support years later, our customer experience professionals will become part of your team — paving the way for you to lead change in your organization.

Whether it’s with coaching, onboarding, best practices guidance or technical support, expect an exceptional experience as an Allocadia customer. Come for the software; stay for the people.


“You are all amazing to work with and we have really taken Allocadia to the next level here at SimpliVity.”

Laura Nelson
Senior Marketing Operations Analyst

Austin Nguyen
Product Support Specialist

“I love helping clients learn new things and gain confidence in Allocadia because it means I’ve done my job! With any request, I will try my best to help them understand the features instead of simply doing it for them. I get a lot of satisfaction when I’m able to show clients “how to fish”.

I worked closely with two Allocadia power-users at a large software company with a complex setup. It began with simple requests, and now they’re able to complete those items themselves as well as add new configurations when required. Furthermore, they’re now able to complete complex tasks and we’re happy to assist when they need the extra help. ”

Austin Nguyen, Allocadia

Eve Belanger
Customer Success Manager

“When a key Allocadia power-user left one of the large public companies I work with, their internal handover process wasn’t a smooth one. This company was about to close out their quarter, but millions of dollars in marketing spend were still unaccounted for.

I worked with the marketing and finance groups to set up a cross-functional working session. We straightened out every single budget and cost centre. It was a marathon, but at the end of it all, the numbers matched what they were expecting.

As CSMs, it’s our job to step in when exceptional situations come up for our customers. We are there to help them get over any hurdles that come up — big or small.”

Elizabeth McKeown
Professional Services Consultant

“I work with one the world’s largest cybersecurity companies. They came up with an idea for something they wanted to do with Allocadia, a specific way of integrating with their solution. This was definitely a challenge and something new to our team!

My colleague Peter and I sat down and figured it out. Turns out, it was possible! We got it running in a sandbox, showed it to the customer, and they were thrilled. A short time later, the solution went live on their systems. It felt good to meet the customer’s needs in such a specific and useful way.”

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