With Allocadia’s Marketing Performance Management software, you can connect your planning, budgeting and ROI data across your entire organization in one place. It’s a powerful cloud solution built for marketers and designed for collaborating with your team and measuring marketing ROI in real time, at every level of your organization­. Allocadia delivers intuitive and robust product features designed to improve your marketing effectiveness.

Enabling Strategic Alignment
Allocadia is the perfect complement to strategic alignment frameworks — including the SiriusDecisions Campaign Framework.

Design Philosophies

How we design software for marketers

Allocadia serves all types of marketers, from the Marketing Coordinator to the CMO. Our software is the system of record for the “daily business of marketing”. As CRM systems are to Sales, Allocadia is to Marketing. Our workflows are customizable to each role.

Allocadia is enterprise-class. We can map to your unique business processes. We are also a highly reliable, secure and scalable platform. But we also keep things simple!

Since a large percentage of the staff in an organization’s marketing team will be daily users of Allocadia, we needed to design our software to be visual, friendly and straightforward. We care about your experience and we invest in user experience design thinking.

As a core part of an organization’s core marketing technology ecosystem, we must play friendly with others. We connect seamlessly to your ERP, PO, CRM, Automation, Social and other MRM technologies.

Allocadia evangelizes all things Marketing Performance Management. We strongly believe investments and returns go hand-in-hand to give us a full view of marketing performance. We go deep in both these areas and make it easy to connect the dots.

End-to-end Investments & Returns Management

Allocadia enables full visibility into your organization’s investments & returns


  • Top-down investment & revenue targets (including split level targets)
  • Bottoms-up investment & returns plans from your global marketing organization (including mapping to corporate objectives, target audience, etc.)
  • Map in your commit and actuals data from ERP and PO systems as well as your returns actuals such as revenue, leads, clicks, likes from CRM, automation and social systems
  • Generate forecasts using this data
End-to-end Investments & Returns Management


  • Built-in marketing attribution engine to give you visibility into the metrics that matter most to you, at any level of details right down to campaigns
  • Embedded Business Intelligence (BI) analytics: create virtually any report or dashboard of your budgeting & planning data
  • 50+ out-of-the-box reports to get you started
  • Best-practice dashboards for your planning, tracking and forecasting phases:
    • Investment
      • Planning: “Is our plan complete and is it distributed in strategic areas?”
      • Tracking: “What have we actually spent to date vs. our plan?”
      • Forecasting: “Will we be on track in terms of our Plan vs. Actual tomorrow?”
    • Returns
      • Planning: “Is our plan sufficient enough to generate our target revenue?”
      • Tracking: “What returns have we actually generated vs. our plan to date?”
      • Forecasting: “Will we be on track in terms of our returns Plan vs. Actual tomorrow?”
  • Scheduled emails (PDF, CSV, XLS) for reports & dashboards (daily, weekly, monthly) to keep your stakeholders in the know on a regular basis

For Global Marketing Teams

Equipped to support worldwide teams doing business in multiple currencies and languages

For Global Marketing Teams
  • Multi-currency Support
    • Allow end users to plan in their local currencies and have it automatically roll up to a master currency
    • Unlimited number of currencies
    • Yearly or drill-down currency conversion rates by month
  • Global and Regional/team Settings
    • Global template for your entire organization for a consistent rollup
    • Ability to add to the global template for regions/teams to allow them to track what matters to them (for example, use specific returns assumptions per region/team)
  • Language Support
    • Ability to see a lot of the content in localized languages (via multi-byte characters). View in organization & budget hierarchies, activity details fields and values, etc.

An Enterprise-Class Solution

Supporting the needs of large, complex enterprise marketing organizations

  • Single Sign-On
    • Have end-users more easily log into Allocadia alongside all their other core technologies through your company’s centralized login portal
    • Configure easily and quickly within Allocadia settings
  • Audit Trail
    • Track all user activity: Chronological activity log viewable at each level of the hierarchy (from the home tab hierarchy to the detailed line item level)
    • Search, filter, sort, and export detailed data extracts
    • 90-day historical view (with the ability to request data past this period)
    • Historical snapshots also available
  • Controls
    • Lock-down all key investment data from targets, plans, plan details, forecasts, actuals & POs
    • Identify required fields for key global rollup reporting
    • Enable workflow forms with required fields to enforce details
  • Approvals (Read more)
    • Allow particular roles to function as approvers and identify approval status of targets and/or plans
    • Only pull approved items to be made available in downstream systems (for example, in Purchase Request systems for creating PRs)
  • Permissions
    • Granular access settings, from giving a Marketing Manager full budget-editing privileges to granting view-only access to the Finance team
Enterprise-Class Solution

Fully Integrated

Allocadia becomes your marketing system of record, with the ability to connect to all your core marketing and financial technologies

Allocadia Path to Performance

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The Allocadia Cloud Exchange facilitates integration with a wide variety of system, helping unify your technology stack.

  • Bring data in via a variety of ways (via connectors, auto-scheduled rules-based import or BI imports). Bring in:
    • ERP: Invoice & PO data to view plan vs. actual (via automated, scheduled rules-based mapping)
    • CRM: Revenue data to understand your ROI
    • Automation, Social & Web Analytics systems: Top-of-funnel metrics to do cost-per analysis


  • Push data out via API batch process, triggered action by end users (called outbound actions) or manual exports. Push data out to create:
    • Campaigns in CRM and/or automation systems
    • Purchase requests in PR systems
    • Projects in project management systems

Advanced Budgeting & Planning

Take your spend management to the next level

Allocadia Scenario Planner

Scenario Planner

  • Answer key questions from stakeholders quickly by viewing different scenarios on the fly, such as what our total commit is if the budget cut or what is our revenue impact if we remove a particular activity?

Read more about Scenario Planner

Allocadia Strategic Alignment Planner

Strategic Alignment Planner

  • Allocate strategic investment & returns targets for example by Objective, Product or Program Family
  • Empower end-users to build plans that are aligned to these strategic targets by giving them visibility into these strategic targets as they build their bottoms-up plans

More about Strategic Alignment Planner

Impact Modeller

  • Plan your marketing activities with confidence, knowing they’re perfectly aligned with revenue goals.

More about Impact Modeller

Flexible & Customizable

Customize Allocadia as much or as little as needed to match your organizational requirements

Flexible & Customizable

Quickly & easily configure & maintain:

  • Global & regional/team settings though a one-stop settings shop
  • Fields, workflows, page layouts, scenario tags and more
  • Organization and budget hierarchies (with unlimited hierarchy levels) allowing the application to evolve as you do and reflect organizational and marketing priority changes
  • Invited users and role preferences
  • Analytics templates including customizable dashboards & reports

Easy to Use

We designed Allocadia to be visual and friendly

Since Allocadia is the central marketing system of record for marketing teams, most marketers within a company will use the system. Unlike other technologies that require a small group of expert users, Allocadia can be quickly learned by virtually anyone.

About our user experience

  • Spreadsheet-like interface for building bottoms-up plans: quick to navigate and learn (end-user training for inputting plans and forecasts against targets is a one to two hour online training session)
  • Group your plan hierarchy according to how you think of your plan from day to day
  • Option for form-based workflows that standardize the input process
  • Hierarchical tagging of activity details to speed data entry
  • Certain individuals like to still work in Excel? They can export, make changes and re-import
  • Let your regions and teams make Allocadia their own by customizing fields and page layouts
Easy to Use

Quick Time to Value

We will guide you through the straightforward process of rollout and user adoption

  • Our strong implementation framework called “The Path to Marketing Performance” includes clear steps for how to roll out the software, as well as a path to getting the most value
  • Phased approach to deployment which allows your team to get up-and-running quickly (based on the path to performance)
  • Default budgeting, planning & analytics templates to get you started
  • Quickly import budgeting & planning data to help you get started with any existing budgeting & planning data

Product Tour

This 2-minute video provides a quick overview of Allocadia.

Supporting Strategic Alignment Frameworks

Allocadia is an ideal solution for organizations seeking to align to marketing investment frameworks or allocation targets.

Our software fully supports the SiriusDecisions Campaign Framework, a strategic planning and budgeting framework developed by leading analyst group SiriusDecisions.

To learn how CMOs and marketing teams can improve their planning and budgeting processing using the SiriusDecisions Campaign Framework and Allocadia, view our on-demand webinar or download the PDF overview here.

SiriusDecisions Campaign Framework & Allocadia

Interested in exploring further?