It’s time to end the debate over Sales/Marketing alignment for good.

Not every marketing tactic is designed to have a direct impact on sales. But for those that are, you need to be sure that their combined impact will deliver what’s expected. Only then can you say with confidence that you’re doing the right thing.

It sounds simple enough, but every marketer knows it isn’t. Or at least wasn’t, until now.

Impact Modeller solves the Sales/Marketing alignment challenge by enabling marketers to see how their activities are expected to contribute to the company’s revenue goals, based on each activity’s unique set of variables.

How it works

  1. Start with the overall revenue target and typical deal size for every product or service you sell.
  2. Identify the funnel stages and conversion rates of each type of demand generation activity you’re going to use.
  3. Build your plan, setting top-of-funnel lead targets for each one, and letting Impact Modeller show you its expected revenue impact. Adjust as needed until you’re aligned to meet or exceed the revenue target.
  4. Launch your activities!

Impact Modeller Advantages

  • Starting with the overall revenue target will ensure that everything you do in the field is aligned to that goal
  • Giving your marketers control over their chosen tactics lets the CMO maintain focus on the results while marketers focus on what will work best for their area, be it geography, product, or otherwise.
  • Setting different funnel structures and conversion rates by tactic gives you the flexibility you need to address your unique go-to-market situation
  • Plan your tactics and spend more efficiently, with less guesswork, and more transparency

But the biggest advantage is the one we opened with: Sales/Marketing alignment. When marketers can show Sales what they’re doing and how it will contribute to revenue, they’ll build even stronger bridges between these two joined-at-the-hip teams.

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