Allocadia’s MPM solutions equip marketers to make better decisions and drive greater business impact.

Since optimal marketing performance management is a journey, Allocadia comes in three versions.

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Global Features

Multiple user roles and permissions


Multi-language support1

Configurable line item attributes

Configurable workspace views

Audit trail

Export budgets


Set strategic plans and track alignment

Set top-down investment targets

Create bottom-up tactical plans

Context-sensitive filtering

Budget placeholders

In-cell commenting

Spend status tagging and filtering

Move line items within or between budgets


Set and monitor strategic alignment

Set results targets

Calculate revenue impact

Initiate PO request

Manage budget requests

Manage purchase orders

Manage actuals

Connect to marketing automation platform

Connect to other marketing technologies


Tactical attribution2

Push cost data to 3rd-party system

Connect to CRM and BI systems

Access to Allocadia API


A solution for creating bottom-up plans across the marketing organization that align with top-down strategic objectives and targets. A consistent structure and workflow that puts you on the path to better marketing performance management.
Marketing teams looking to finally get out of siloed spreadsheets and into to a standardized and scalable marketing planning platform.
Marketing Leadership, Marketing Operations, Field/Corporate Marketing


Building on the Invest package, this solution helps you build plans based on lead and revenue targets, manage marketing investments more effectively, and connect Allocadia to other core marketing technologies. Extend your MPM capabilities through better productivity and better collaboration with Finance and Sales.
More progressive marketing teams looking to streamline marketing execution, strengthen their relationship with Sales and Finance, and manage marketing spend more proactively.
Marketing Leadership, Marketing Operations, Field/Corporate Marketing, Finance, Sales


Attain optimum marketing performance through a central system of record that connects all your core marketing systems. Gain relevant, action-oriented insights across your organization for complete MPM enablement.
Advanced marketing organizations seeking optimum control, impact, and ROI.
CMO/Marketing Executives, Marketing Operations, Field/Corporate Marketing, Sales, Finance


Investment Planning

Customer Journey Mapping

Investment Tracking

Investment Alignment

Pipeline Planning

Pipeline Tracking

Finance Health Check

Strategic ROI

Tactical ROI




Services and Support

QuickStart rapid onboarding

Allocadia Knowledgebase

All Access online community membership

Email and phone technical support

Allocadia Assist

(Additional fee)




1. $10k minimum for up to 10 users.
2. Applies to line item data entry, and PO and actual details
3. Requires Saleforce CRM

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Allocadia Assist

Maximizing impact and value for the long term

Allocadia Assist is a personalized, continuous enablement program included with every package. Designed to help you get maximum value out of your investment, Allocadia Assist is custom-tailored to your unique needs. We’ll train and equip you and your team to leverage everything Allocadia has to offer where and when you’re ready for it.

Allocadia Assist Services

  • New Feature Enablement
  • Analytics Updates
  • System Maintenance
  • Re-training
  • Bi-annual Business Review
  • Configuration Review
  • Budget Rollover Priority
  • Technical Support

Going Live with Allocadia

We onboard every Allocadia customer with a comprehensive range of services including system setup, configuration, and user training. Choose QuickStart onboarding to get up and running in as little as 4 weeks*, or have our Customer Experience team design an implementation plan that suits your unique requirements.

*Estimated delivery time for Allocadia Invest with QuickStart is 4-6 weeks. Due to higher complexity, other packages may require additional time.

“Our team’s job is to ensure that our solution is made to suit your business and to fully enable your users to get the most out of it. That’s how you’ll get maximum value from your purchase of Allocadia.”

T.J. Begley
VP Professional Services & Support


“I have never experienced a more positive, helpful and knowledgeable team than I have with Allocadia. The team goes above and beyond. I have said it before and I will say it again – Allocadia makes us feel like we are their only client.”


Carey Rutigliano, Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

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