Best B2B Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

By April 16, 2019Allocadia's Blog

A new year represents a new beginning. With it comes a new year to improve marketing performance, gain new customers and increase revenues.

Get the year started off right and make 2017 your best year yet by making these five B2B marketing resolutions.

Happy New Year on behalf of the entire Allocadia team, and cheers to keeping your resolutions all year long!

Manage MarTech Across the Entire Organization

“Take an inventory of all marketing technology currently being used across the organization and make it visible to everyone involved in the acquisition and implementation of technology. I’m a big fan of doing this in a stack format but anyway that works for you will do. Put a process in place to ensure that new purchases get recorded and that subscriptions are reviewed on a regular basis.” —Read more at CMSWire.

Orchestrate a Customer-Centric Approach

“The modern marketer’s role is growing akin to a composer who stiches their marketing systems — like Segment, Slack, Instapage, Autopilot, and Salesforce — to form a beautiful symphony. … Goal-oriented insights, fueled by data at marketers’ fingertips, will drive actionable outputs and obvious ways to improve emails, on-site messages, SMS, and even direct mail efforts. The end result will be better targeting, segmentation, and a richer customer journey that spans a plethora of channels and converts as well as retains revenue.” —Read more at MarTech Advisor.

Move Away from a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

“Traditional marketing stereotypes are no longer relevant; the make-up of societal roles has changed and customers want to feel as though a company or brand truly understands them. A one size fits all approach is null and void. For customers to truly feel valued and that their needs are understood, brands need to go above and beyond, and personally reward them for their loyalty. As I reflect on what we are doing differently as a result, it is about continuing the investment and focus we have had in personalising our communications and propositions.” —Read more at Marketing Week.

Adopt Marketing Performance Measurement

“In today’s data-driven and hyper-accountable world, companies of all sizes are realizing that adopting more advanced measurement techniques has become vital to optimize spending. In 2017, expect more small to mid-sized businesses to adopt more sophisticated marketing measurement approaches to help understand the complex customer journey and determine how to best allocate budgets across channels, tactics and campaigns.” —Read more at Chief Marketer.

Replace Manual Reporting with Automated Dashboards

“Rather than going through the same laborious reporting process every day/week/month/quarter/year, instead build out a dashboard (or set of dashboards) that presents the same data, that is accessible to all necessary stakeholders, and that is always on, so that people can review it at their convenience. What will you do with all of the time you’ve just freed up? Well, how about doing deeper analysis — not just reporting out on how many page views or transactions or upsells or MQLs (marketing-qualified leads) were generated in the last period, but digging into why that happened and how to improve in the future.” —Read more at Marketing Land.