Box’s Marketing Ops Team

By June 7, 2019 September 22nd, 2019 Allocadia's Blog

The #RunMarketing Visionary Award

Why They Won

To truly shift the operations and function of an organization, it has to start with vision and end with an actionable plan that brings that vision to life. The Box marketing team had that vision and implemented an entire change management process that led to them being able to more than double ROI on marketing programs, without increasing budgets.

Their vision went far beyond just setting a goal that rolled up to a corporate objective. The Box team knew that in order to achieve organizational goals that had to completely re-tool the way they measured and accrued attribution for their programs. This took an integration of all business systems, putting teams in place to implement new processes, driving change management and getting alignment around what levers to pull as they tracked toward their new ROI metrics.

The Box marketing team had a visionary approach to making sure they improved as a whole, which resulted in a fundamental improvement in how they drive revenue and impact for the organization.



“Its unique to see leadership involved to this level of detail, where they are fully visualizing the type of change they want from their organization, and then seeking out ways to make it happen. Box had a huge growth metric to hit, and the entire marketing team rallied together behind this vision of where they could be, and worked together to find a way to fix their attribution system to ensure they were driving real impact. We were impressed with the way that they were able to look so far into the future to set their goals, and then chart a path of process and technology changes to make it happen.”

Jocelyn Brown, Allocadia VP of Customer Success

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