The Two Questions Every Marketing Ops Pro Needs to Answer for Their Teams

By May 2, 2019 October 5th, 2019 Allocadia's Blog

Help Marketers understand where dollars are being spent and what is the most effective use of money. 

There are questions any business professional will face in the course of their day.

How was your weekend? What did you think of that Game of Thrones episode? How do I reset my Slack password again?

But there are two questions that fall squarely in the domain of the Marketing Operations group.

1. Where are we spending our marketing dollars?
2.  Are we allocating those dollars efficiently?

Unfortunately, many teams struggle to accurately generate a response without having to painstakingly sift through loads of data and reports. Let’s look at these two critical questions in more detail.

1. Where are we spending our marketing dollars?

Marketing Ops is often asked to provide quick responses on where budget is currently being spent, but at many organizations, this information is decentralized, living in various spreadsheets and finance systems, making it nearly impossible to track investments properly.

It’s common place for the budget reconciliation process to span multiple days each month. Which limits the strategies and insights your team needs to be more effective with their spend.

This crucial responsibility rests with the Marketing Ops role – to report on what the team has spent, and what’s left to spend as swiftly as possible to maximize marketing’s impact.

2. What is the most effective use of our money?

Every organization tries (often in vain) to understand which campaigns and activities are most successful. But trying isn’t enough because this information is critical! Without it, marketers can’t be confident where their budget really is and how they should prioritize their time.

Answering this question is a matter of measuring ROI. However, that can mean a true return-on-investment metric, or some marketing teams are looking more closely at measuring the return their getting on intent or impact. It will differ for every organization, but the ultimate goal is the same – understand which programs are driving value for the company.

The impact of knowing the answers

Together, teams that are able to quickly respond to these two questions will deliver valuable insights to their organizations that drive real business benefits:

More visibility – Provide reporting on marketing ROI at multiple levels and types to enable decisions across the organization.

More agility – Provide timely insights that are more accurate, identifying the most efficient campaigns enables teams to re-allocate and re-investing faster, thereby increasing returns.

More confidence – With a grasp over spend and impact, marketing operations enables the entire organization to be more confident in their campaigns and where to focus their time and dollars.

Understanding where your current spend is at and what the most effective programs are, allows the entire marketing organization to focus on what works and move away from what does not. This is an opportunity for Marketing Ops to create increased effectiveness on marketing dollars and establish itself as an efficient revenue engine.

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