Meet the Allocadia Run Marketing Platform

Run smarter, run faster, run better. Run Marketing.

Plan strategically
Invest with purpose
Measure performance
Gain insights
Connect data and workflows
  1. Plan strategically
  2. Invest with purpose
  3. Measure performance
  4. Gain insights
  5. Connect data and workflows

We rely on Allocadia to review with our executive marketing leadership to gain agreement, understanding, and re-alignment of where we focus our resources. With Allocadia we’re more confident in every plan created, investment made, and can accurately demonstrate our impact on the business.

Neenu Sharma

Neenu Sharma|VP Marketing Operations & Analytics, GE Digital

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Gain Enterprise Benefits

Spend up to 40% less time on budgeting, planning and ROI measurement
Identify & reallocate 10-20% of spend to the best-performing programs
Stay within 1% of budget
Optimize marketing spend to drive a 4% increase in sales

Allocadia Plan & Align

Gain Visibility into a Global, Unified Marketing Plan

Allocadia Plan & Align empowers marketers to create and refine plans to align with overall business goals and drive greater results for the company.

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Allocadia elevates the conversation around marketing action to a strategic level, allowing all marketers in the organization to plan and track against key goals and performance indicators. We rely on Allocadia to review with our executive marketing leadership to gain agreement, understanding, and re-alignment of where we focus our resources.

Neenu Sharma|VP Marketing Operations & Analytics, GE Digital

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We can land our budget within 0.5% of plan every quarter (yes, every was correct). We know exactly what we are spending, where and when needed we can reallocate spend to ensure we meet our plan. When we have to cut or increase spend, we can reset targets and effectively land the 747 on an aircraft carrier!

David Cohen|Head of Business Planning, Palo Alto Networks

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Allocadia Invest & Execute

Confidently Drive and Manage Marketing’s Investment

Allocadia Invest & Execute helps marketers understand where marketing is investing. Monitor actual spend against plans and strategic targets, re-allocate budget, and ultimately drive better execution and outcomes for the business.

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Allocadia Measure & Optimize

Measure and Improve Marketing’s Impact on the Business

Allocadia Measure & Optimize enables marketers to measure performance, optimize their activities and spend, and make data-driven decisions to maximize their impact on the business.

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We’ve more than doubled our pipeline-to-spend-ratio. Additionally, we’ve had record-setting quarters in terms of total pipeline contribution, despite budgets not going up. We’ve done more with less because we were able to identify and address inefficiencies.

Tim West|Former Senior Manager in Marketing Operations, Box

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We now have a central place to connect marketing activities and spend to other parts of the lead flow mechanism.

Harris Thamby|Senior Program Manager, Sales & Marketing IT, Global Ops, Microsoft

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Allocadia Connect

Create an Agile, Efficient Marketing Team with Connected Data and Workflows

Allocadia Connect automates integrations with other enterprise systems like Finance, Work Management, CRM, Marketing Automation. Streamline workflows and gain actionable insights with a new, connected data set.

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Allocadia Analytics

Gain Insights to Drive Better, More Impactful Decisions

Allocadia Analytics empowers marketers to take action and create greater business impact by developing a deeper understanding of the marketing plan, budget, spend, and performance.

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Allocadia is an awesome tool. It is simple to use as well as intuitive. It includes a great deal of bells and whistles when it comes to dashboards and metrics.

Carey Rutigliano|Director FP&A, Hortonworks

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Allocadia worked with us through every step of the way and made sure we had what we needed. More than that, they have answered every question efficiently (and I have plenty) and are so kind.

Erin Ashcraft|The Learning House

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Allocadia Assist

Delivering long-term customer value is in our DNA

Allocadia Assist is a personalized, continuous enablement program designed to help customers get maximum value out of your Allocadia investment. We tailor Allocadia Assist to their unique needs, training and equipping customers to leverage everything Allocadia has to offer where and when they are ready for it.

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Enterprise-Grade Security and Technology

Allocadia’s modern cloud architecture ensures the enterprise-grade scalability, availability, and security expected for mission-critical applications.

Built for secure and private enterprise cloud workflows, the Allocadia platform seamlessly integrates into existing security compliance, audit, and governance programs – lowering the cost to own Allocadia over the life of the engagement.

We share our customers’ vision of leveraging technology to make smarter decisions. That means building and supporting a platform that connects to other systems efficiently, and of course securely. We also know that integrations come in many forms and must satisfy many different requirements, so we made a commitment to being flexible.

Ryan Marples|CTO, Allocadia

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Trusted by enterprises around the world

As we have scaled as an organization, Allocadia has helped Palo Alto Networks run marketing better by ensuring that we can scale at the velocity needed to meet our go-to-market plans, and be able to visualize and track that as we go, and course correct when we need to.

David Cohen

David Cohen|VP Business Planning, Palo Alto Networks

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