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I Run Marketing Like a


David Schermbeck

Business Analyst | Red Hat

Pottery is all about experimentation and trying to produce what you conceptualize. It’s about understanding how to coordinate many moving parts and learning from others so you can tackle a problem without reinventing the (spinning) wheel. That’s how I run marketing. With focus, a willingness to shift plans quickly and a touch of perfectionism, I can turn something messy into something both efficient and beautiful. That’s what gets me fired up.

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I Run Marketing Like a


Lori Aizer

VP Marketing | FINCAD

Whether in traveling or in marketing, even though you plan your journey before setting off, it’s important to be able to adapt and improvise once you’re on the road. But discovering new terrain is part of the excitement, because that’s often when you run into the biggest delights and rewards. That’s how I run marketing. I collaborate with others who’ve traveled the road before me, and I’m open to new possibilities.

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I Run Marketing Like an


Tyler Douglas

Chief Marketing Officer | Vision Critical

Being an entrepreneur is about taking risks. You’re delving into new territory and making strategic decisions based on the information you can glean from those who have gone down similar tracks. But they’ve never been down yours. A lot of the time, it comes down to your gut. The rest of the time,it comes down to your network. That’s how I run marketing. By collecting a network of incredibly talented advisors, leaders, doers and cheerleaders to bring us to just the right place at just the right time.

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I Run Marketing Like a

Relay Racer

Susan Vanin

Director, Global Marketing Operations | Juniper Networks

Marketing sometimes feels like a race at times, but while short bursts of speed are often required, it’s really a long-distance race. And it’s definitely not a solo sport. In a relay race, team members work together to get that baton across the finish line. That’s how I run marketing. I equip my team with the data, technology and processes they need to reach the podium without dropping the baton.

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I Run Marketing Like a

Soccer Pro

Thao Ngo

Vice President, Marketing | Vision Critical

On a soccer field, there can’t be only one person who knows the plays and gets to guide the ball. The entire team must collaborate together and work towards a common goal (literally!). That’s how I run marketing. Above all, we play to win. But we also play to have fun... and try to minimize injuries along the way. Because it’s as a team that we are champions.

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I Run Marketing Like a

Film Director

Scott MacGregor

Marketing Operations Manager | FINCAD

A film director has a vision. He knows what his end goal is - both in terms of artistic value and dollar value - and it’s up to him to bring that vision to reality. He has a key role in making casting decisions and weighing the value of production elements because at the end of the day, it’s up to him to put all the pieces together. That’s how I run marketing. In managing marketing operations, I know what go-to-market technology we need to achieve our vision.

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I Run Marketing Like an


James Thomas

Chief Marketing Officer | Allocadia

Competing in an IRONMAN triathlon takes a tremendous amount of planning and preparation. For a full year before the big day, you are strategizing, researching the best techniques and equipment, practicing over and over and leaning on your support network. That’s how I run marketing - with my eye on the prize but executing relentlessly to get there together with my team.

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They strategize, plan, budget, analyze, reallocate... and analyze some more. Because they know that thoughtful spending leads to informed decisions… which leads to driving real business value.

At Allocadia, we know that in modern marketing organizations, every marketer counts. They count marketing dollars. And they count - because they each run marketing to contribute toward common corporate and revenue goals.

It’s why more than 150 industry-leading companies and tens of thousands of marketers worldwide run marketing using Allocadia.

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