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Better marketing performance is a journey.

Today, we know that in order to do marketing, we must run marketing.

But this is not a one-time exercise. As marketers, we all have ROI in our sights. Getting there is the work we put our hearts into every day.

No two paths are alike.

Each marketer and organization is unique, and the curves in the track look different for everyone. But whether you’re just starting out on your path to better marketing performance, or are already head down and in the zone, there’s always something you can do better.

Everyone can go from status quo to better.

What’s the next thing you can do to take to take your organization to the next level? What’s the next step that will make you, as a marketer, feel more confident that your contributions count? What will you do next in your journey?

Words of Wisdom from Marketers who #RunMarketingBetter

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These top marketers have pledged to #RunMarketingBetter

#RunMarketingBetter Champion
Tim West

“We’re committed to running marketing better at Box, and we’re never done. Our next steps are to drive [marketing performance management] adoption across our global teams and to make sure that every single marketer in Box is fully comfortable using the system, and is comfortable with the data.”

Tim West, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations at Box

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#RunMarketingBetter Champion
Gina Reese

“My advice for marketers who want to run marketing better would be to understand what kind of questions do they need to answer. What do they need to do to get to those answers? They can also research other companies and see what they have done that’s made them successful in being able to answer questions and make better decisions.”

Gina Reese, Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Hortonworks

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#RunMarketingBetter Champion
Sean Hiss

“To help Equinix run marketing even better, the things we’re focused on now is really getting into advanced analytics and implementing that into our go-to-market strategy. That means a much more significant push into account based marketing, deeper segmentation and targeting, being smarter about the accounts and contacts we go after. It’s about ensuring that we’re putting the right investment, and the right weight, behind the right marketing mix.”

Sean Hiss, Director of Marketing Operations at Equinix

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#RunMarketingBetter Champion
Danielle Evangelista

“Today’s marketers are motivated to run marketing better because we’re moving into the digital era. So for marketing that means success measures are continually changing. But the common denominator is always investment. In order to run marketing better, my advice would be to definitely partner with your FPNA analyst, or your finance counterparts.”

Danielle Evangelista, Marketing Operations Analyst, FireEye

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Helena Lewis

#RunMarketingBetter Champion
Helena Lewis

“In order to run marketing even better, the next step for us is to really take the ROI reporting to a different level. And being able to connect the tactics and the activities that we always have been doing to outcomes, and make sure that we evaluate that as we going through planning continuously throughout the year. It’s not just a one time thing.”

Helena Lewis, Chief, Marketing Operations & Technology, National Instruments

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