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Today’s marketers have two jobs: Do Marketing, which is all about executing on planned programs and activities, and Run Marketing, which is the operational aspects of creating a high performing marketing organization. Allocadia’s six solutions are uniquely positioned to enable marketers to master the Run side of marketing and seamlessly connect the operational arm of marketing with the go-to-market actions.

  1. Reduce Complexity of Marketing Planning
  2. Align Marketing’s Goals to Business Goals
  3. Take Control of Marketing’s Investments
  4. Create Efficiency from Planning to Execution
  5. Create the Right Data Set for Actionable Insights
  6. Increase Marketing’s Value to the Business

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Reduce Complexity of Marketing Planning and Budgeting

Marketing planning and budgeting processes are complex and time-consuming. Marketing organizations struggle with spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, and borrowed tools designed for non-marketing purposes.

The complexity and misalignment of marketing plans and budgets increase as businesses grow and add more channels, more product lines, and more geographies.

Marketers should always look for ways to save time so they can focus on executing programs and campaigns that will increase revenue and improve customer experiences.

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Marketing is under pressure to become more responsive, collaborative and data-driven, and marketing operations must introduce agile concepts to achieve these goals.

Marketing Operations: Planning Assumptions
2018, SiriusDecisions

Measurement is custom — your strategic dashboard must reflect the dynamics of your industry and the requirements of your enterprise. However, aligning metrics with strategic priorities is nonnegotiable.

Gartner, CMO Spend Survey 2018-2019

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Align Marketing’s Goals to Business Goals

Making sure that marketing activities align with business goals seems obvious. And yet, marketers struggle to align their plans and objectives with the business strategy. Without alignment, Marketing may become siloed risking strategic misses.

With plans that don’t support corporate goals, CMOs and marketing leaders fail to define meaningful metrics that measure success and prove marketing’s value to the business, putting their budget at risk.

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Take Control of Marketing’s Investment

With one of the largest discretionary budgets in the organization, marketers have great responsibility–they must show the business they are responsible stewards of the company’s dollars. They need to know how much to invest, how much has been spent so far, where and when it has been spent, and how much is left. If they can’t answer these simple questions, they’re flying blind and will lose the confidence of C-level executives.

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CMOs need to assure the board that marketing budgets do not become a black box activity. Without concrete analysis, trust erodes.


Marketing is at the top of the list with an average of 91 marketing cloud services, compared to an overall average of 51.

Kleiner Perkins

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Create efficiency from planning to execution

Marketers use more technology than any other department. They purchase new technology with the hope of solving a specific problem without considering how it fits into the entire ecosystem, creating ever more siloes and further fragmenting workflows and systems.

With increased pressure for agility and speed to market, increased efficiency is mandatory. Marketers need to reduce time on manual processes and dedicate their time to more strategic activities.

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Create the right data set for accurate, timely, and actionable insights

In today’s world, data and analytics give marketers more power than ever before, but bad, outdated or disconnected data leads to poor decisions. Marketers overlook the importance of creating data structure and processes to connect disparate data in a meaningful way harming the effectiveness of marketing activities.

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77% of global B2B marketing decision makers revealed that lacking the ability to measure results is one of their top marketing concerns.


In our experience, companies that adopt this marketing analytics approach can unlock 10–20 percent of their marketing budget to either reinvest in marketing or return to the bottom line.

McKinsey & Company

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Prove and increase marketing’s value to the business

The pressure on marketers to deliver greater results is rising. They urgently need to measure their activities’ impact, but without timely and accurate data, they can’t.

Most marketers use disconnected systems and spreadsheets to consolidate and measure performance. Attempting to gather so much data, normalize it, and ensure it remains up to date is an impossible task that ultimately leads to inconsistent, outdated, and untrustworthy data.

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