Create, share, and track strategic objectives at the company, department, and team levels

Set your strategy. See it through.

Everyone on the Marketing team — and across the whole company — understands the value of corporate objectives. However, when it comes to creating marketing goals and plans that align with those objectives, many companies fall short.

Strategic Planner makes it easy to create, share, and track strategic goals and objectives for your marketing team — keeping the big picture front and center.

The perfect tool for strategic planning and goal-setting.

It all starts with the plan. Before you start mapping out specific activities, tactics and investments, it’s crucial to make sure your whole team is aligned on what it’s trying to achieve.

Use Strategic Planner to define marketing goals that support the big-picture objectives of your company. As time goes on, use it to track your progress against those goals, so the whole team can see how they’re doing at-a-glance. Say goodbye to static, quickly-forgotten slide decks!

Strategic Planner is the perfect companion to the day-to-day tactical activity plans and budgets that Allocadia helps you create and manage.

Everything rolls up to strategic objectives

  • Start by listing your company’s overall strategic priorities.
  • Next, create Marketing goals that support each one of those and link them together. Specify key results and target dates.
  • Finally, plan one or more levels deeper by defining activities and results at the Team level that will help accomplish your Marketing-wide goals. Stay on track with status updates and colour-coded markers.

Try Strategic Planner!

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