The Standard in Marketing Performance Management for the Marketing Cloud

At Allocadia, we believe modern marketers must be revenue-driven. Every marketer has to understand how their plans and investments align to business objectives. And every marketer needs to understand their return on their marketing investment. We partner with a growing list of marketing technology leaders who believe the same, and we work together to deliver powerful, integrated marketing solutions to our joint customers. We’re proud to be the standard in Marketing Performance Management software for the marketing technology platform and for thousands of marketers.

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If you’re obsessed with giving your customers the most complete modern marketing technology platform, you need to include Marketing Performance Management. We want to partner with marketing technology and service providers to make that happen. If this is you, join our partner program today.

Partnering on the Path to Performance

Together with our partners, we lead marketers through the Path to Performance, a framework — and journey — that helps our customers become more revenue-driven.

We believe MPM is an essential element of every organization’s marketing technology foundation. We work with leading marketing cloud and MRM providers to connect with our MPM solution to provide a system of record for marketing budgets, plans and performance analytics. We also work with leading services providers who deliver implementation, change management and ongoing business value monitoring.

Allocadia Revenue-Driven Marketing Diagram

Powering the Marketing Cloud With Allocadia MPM

Our customers and partners recognize there isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing cloud technology suite available today. Allocadia and industry-leading marketing cloud vendors work together to deliver integrated marketing planning, budgeting and performance capabilities to our joint customers.

Allocadia powers MPM in the marketing cloud for a growing list of market leaders:

Allocadia has been the leading provider of planning, budgeting and performance solutions to Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) customers since 2012. Joint customers — including Juniper Networks and VMware — can tie Eloqua campaigns to their Allocadia plans and budgets for a more complete view of their return on marketing investment. Eloqua / Allocadia Resources

Marketo Integration with Allocadia

Allocadia has been powering the planning and budgeting solution for Marketo customers since 2013, delivered as Marketo Marketing Financial Management. Joint customers, including Citrix and F5 Networks, can tie their Marketo campaigns to their Allocadia budgets for a more complete view of their return on marketing investment. Marketo / Allocadia Resources

IBM Logo

In 2015, IBM selected Allocadia to power the budgeting and revenue planning component of the IBM Marketing Cloud. The combined solution gives marketers a single integrated platform where they can build their marketing plans, execute targeted customer experiences, manage investments, and track results across the entire buyer journey.

Connecting the Marketing Technology Ecosystem

Our customers typically deploy 10 or more marketing technologies to deliver a wide array of solutions, including CRM, social media, video management, customer advocacy and more. These systems typically manage their own reporting and analysis, creating silos of marketing information. With our open and connected cloud platform, Allocadia connects to all of your core marketing technologies to integrate their data into a system of record for marketing where investment data is combined with results data to give a full view of marketing performance.

Allocadia is the MPM standard that connects the marketing technology ecosystem with a growing list of market leaders, including:


Allocadia has been a certified Salesforce AppExchange partner since 2012. Joint customers can link Allocadia planning and budgeting to Salesforce CRM campaign lead and revenue metrics for a more complete view of return on marketing investment.


SAP Integration with Allocadia

Allocadia is a certified SAP partner. Our joint customers connect SAP finance data via direct or manual uploads.

Oracle Integration with Allocadia

Allocadia is an Oracle Gold partner. Today, customers connect their Oracle and Allocadia systems to provide a complete view of financial performance.

Social Media

Hootsuite Integration with Allocadia

Allocadia and Hootsuite partner to deliver social media metrics to help our joint customers understand the impact and return on social media investment.

Powering Next-Generation MRM

Traditional marketing resource management technology platforms include a combination of digital asset management, project management, calendaring and financial management. But these solutions rarely did a good job of managing the entire marketing operations process.

Modern marketing solutions are typically built with a combination of best-of-breed solutions to ensure customers can meet the needs of their specific business. Allocadia works with leading MRM providers to give customers the visibility into marketing performance they need to justify and optimize investments.

Allocadia is the MPM standard that connects a growing list of MRM leaders:

Workfront Integration with Allocadia

Allocadia and Workfront work together to deliver a comprehensive next-generation MRM solution. Joint customers can kick off a new Workfront Enterprise Work Cloud project management project from Allocadia, taking the Allocadia marketing plan straight into action and allowing marketers to collaborate through the project lifecycle.

Powering Modern Marketing With MPM Professional Services

Allocadia works with experts in marketing services to deliver customers the systems they need to understand and drive marketing performance. The best customer solutions start with an aligned business and technology strategy. New technology solutions typically require change management, integrated best practices and the experience to build solutions that really impact the business. We only work with partners who are invested in making sure our joint customers get maximum business value from MPM.

Allocadia works with thought leaders and marketing experts to deliver powerful, integrated solutions for our joint customers. Certified Allocadia Implementation Partners include:


QuintoVate helps great brands establish efficiencies in their Marketing organizations. We work with organizations to achieve the “5th ‘P’ of Marketing”, which is Performance.

Our consultants join your team as your “trilingual” colleagues who lead you through challenging business problems involving Marketing, Finance, and Technology. Through our “Five Es” methodology, we engage with you to establish your program direction, deploy solutions, and support for the long-term, all while maintaining a relentless focus on the people who make it happen.

Crimson Marketing Logo

Crimson Marketing’s team of experts all have marketing technology backgrounds. They help technology companies market better and help marketers get the most out of their technology. Through their expertise and experience, they help their clients increase their revenues.

CRM Technologies helps businesses align sales and marketing to increase demand and grow revenues through best-practice consultancy, technical integration and outsourced marketing operations. As one of the first specialist marketing operations agencies in the U.K., they have led the way in helping all types of businesses transform traditionally siloed sales and marketing activities into integrated programs that deliver return on investment.

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