Integrations to help you #RunMarketingBetter

Tying it all together with Allocadia

We enable you to connect your marketing plans and investment data to the rest of your marketing tech stack. Instead of having each piece of marketing software operate in isolation, Allocadia’s integrations provide a standardized framework to share data and connect workflows among your entire martech stack.

The result: more consistent and clearer data, huge time savings, and better knowledge of your marketing performance.

“Allocadia is the engine that integrates and organizes our marketing investments and ROI data in one place so we can see the insights that create meaningful results for us.”

– Anna Alexander, Finance & Operations Manager, Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes

Four Ways Allocadia’s Integrations Add Value

Whether it’s by streamlining your workflow, providing better visibility into your marketing investments or helping you measure marketing ROI, Allocadia integrations give you the power to run marketing better.
Here are the four most common use cases.

Spend Control

As the source of truth for marketing plans and investments – the “I” in ROI” – including actual spend data from ERP, procurement, and accounting systems helps paint a complete, real-time picture for marketers. The result: better control over investments, more agility, and more independence.



Reduce data duplication, standardize around a single taxonomy, and streamline cross-functional collaboration by triggering actions in other systems including procurement, project management, CRM, and marketing automation.



Use Allocadia’s powerful built-in analytics and reporting capabilities to link your investment data to results from CRM, marketing automation, and other ‘Do Marketing’ systems to measure impact including cost-per-lead, campaign, and tactical ROI.


External Analytics

If your organization uses an external analytics or business intelligence platform, you can export Allocadia data and create the visualizations you need there.


You’ll find more details, customer examples, diagrams and more in our Integrations Guide.

Find out about all the value you can realize with Allocadia in your marketing tech stack!

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Charles Schwab integrates Allocadia with SAP to gain real-time insight into actual investments and available budget, and collaborate more strategically with Finance.

Red Hat integrates Allocadia with Salesforce to track Marketing-sourced pipeline, measure ROI, and help Sales drive more revenue.

CA integrates Allocadia with Marketo to enable detailed cost-per analysis on email and social campaigns, and leverage its data to determine where to invest its next dollar.

We make integrations easy.

First, let’s talk about what you want to accomplish. Then we’ll recommend the best way of getting you there, drawing on one or more of the following three integration paths so you can maximize the value you get out of Allocadia.


We deliver it

Allocadia’s Professional Services team will configure and support a range of typical integrations with the leading ERP, CRM, project management and marketing automation platforms.


Use an Allocadia Partner

Use an authorized Allocadia partner to scope out and build your custom integration. We stand behind it as if we built it ourselves.


Use our API

Use our API to build the integration you need through your own in-house development team or technical partner of choice.

Ryan Marples
Chief Technology Officer

“Right from our founding in 2010, we shared our customers’ vision of leveraging technology to make smarter decisions. That means building and supporting a platform that connects to other systems efficiently, and of course securely. We also know that integrations come in many forms and must satisfy many different requirements, so we made a commitment to being flexible. With several integration paths to follow, our customers can choose the one that suits them best.”

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Allocadia & Your Marketing Tech Stack

Integrations to help you #RunMarketingBetter

This guide explores how you’ll benefit from integrating Allocadia with other technologies, as well as how our integrations work and how current customers are using them.