Understand your marketing performance, so you can drive more revenue.

What are we investing in, and what results are we getting out of those investments?

These are two of the most important questions that marketing leaders face. Yet they’re surprisingly difficult to answer with confidence.

Allocadia builds a bridge between your investment data (budgets and plans) and the rest of your technology stack. The result: marketing analytics that illuminate marketing’s contribution to revenue, without ignoring how much you invested to get those results — the all-important “i” in ROI.

Allocadia’s performance insights help marketers answer the most important question of all: where are we going to invest next?

The insights you need to make better strategic decisions

How does Allocadia help you improve your team’s marketing performance? By helping you understand it by answering questions like, “Which have been the most cost-effective marketing programs you’ve run this year?” or, “How much revenue is marketing on track to drive by the end of the fiscal year?”

Allocadia’s marketing performance dashboards provide these answers, and more.

Get performance data by region, program family, and much more — all the way down to specific campaigns. You can slice and dice the data any way you like to get the answers and insights you need. Allocadia includes a powerful set of dashboards right out of the box, but we’ll also work with you to fully customize Allocadia according to the metrics your organization values most.

The better visibility you have into your marketing performance, the more power you have to improve it.

“Now we have real data and facts to support big decisions.”

– Chethan Chandra, Senior Manager of Business Operations, VMware

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Performance insights for every marketer

Performance is important for every member of the marketing organization, not just those in leadership.

A Field Marketer may want to know which Q3 deals were influenced by specific conferences she organized. A Marketing Director for EMEA might require a breakdown of the most successful marketing campaigns across all the countries in his region. The CMO needs a report on marketing investments vs. returns by each global region or business unit.

Allocadia can do it all. Every marketer can become more strategic and more performance-driven with a more complete understanding of which tactics are having the biggest impact.

“Allocadia has helped us prove our contribution to the business, which has improved marketing’s credibility with the company.”

– Alyssa Weber, Director of Marketing Infrastructure, Juniper Networks

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Dive deep into performance with built-in attribution

Sometimes, a marketer needs to “zoom in”: look into the performance of specific campaigns, or examine which specific tactics influenced sales. Allocadia’s built-in marketing attribution engine has you covered.

We do the math on datasets from your budgets and plans (in Allocadia) and your CRM system and blend them into intuitive, easy-to-read dashboards. You can dive deep with a wide variety of attribution reports and models, including First Touch, Multi-Touch and Weighted Attribution.

This ability to pinpoint exactly how certain campaigns contributed to revenue is a powerful addition to your marketing toolbox.

Read more about attribution from Allocadia

A single source of truth for marketing performance

Today’s marketers use a bewilderingly vast set of technologies and tools, ranging from marketing automation and CRM systems to ad-tech, social and content marketing platforms.

Each of these systems holds valuable information about a slice of the total marketing picture. But marketers need to see the whole forest, not just individual trees.

Without a unified platform to tie these marketing technologies together, all the valuable data they hold will stay disconnected. And they don’t take costs into consideration, since they’re not connected with your budgets and plans.

Allocadia centralizes all this data in a single system of record. Our software unifies the investment side of marketing (including budgets, plans, forecasts and actuals) with the returns side (including campaign performance, funnel metrics and opportunity data) to bring you a global, strategic view of ROI.

For more information about the many systems that Allocadia connects to, check out the Allocadia Cloud Exchange.

Marketing performance is just one part of what Allocadia can do for your marketing organization. Read more: