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Delivering on operational effectiveness and data-driven insights is critical to today’s CMO. Allocadia is a core pillar in our strategy to gain insights on how marketing impacts the business.

Asim Zaheer

Asim Zaheer|CMO

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Only see part of the picture

Marketers fail to create a holistic view of their activities’ performance when they don’t incorporate investment data into their measurements.

Lack of trust

When data is stored in disconnected systems and spreadsheets, accuracy is questionable and raises doubt among other stakeholders.

Tunnel vision

Marketers tend to focus their efforts on what they can measure and neglect things they can’t, overlooking potentially strong initiatives and hindering impact.

In our experience, companies that adopt this marketing analytics approach can unlock 10–20 percent of their marketing budget to either reinvest in marketing or return to the bottom line.

McKinsey, How CMOs can get CFOs on their side

How CMOs can get CFOs on their side

Allocadia’s Solution

Allocadia empowers marketers to make better decisions, optimize their impact on the business, and to show their contributions to other departments and to executives.

Provide a consistent way to measure marketing performance and increase their impact.
Break down ROI measurements by audience segment, campaign, business unit, region, or product line.
Measure the “return on intent” for strategic objectives such as increasing market share and brand awareness.
Use dashboards and reports to create multiple views of investment, plan and performance data that give every stakeholder the information they need.
Layer attribution models within Allocadia or from external systems and get a more advanced view of performance metrics.

Benefits for Marketers

Build trust

Increase visibility into spend, performance, and overall impact on the business for every stakeholder and boost Marketing’s credibility.

Increase marketing’s impact

See which activities produce the greatest impact. Decide how to shift effort to optimize results and predict the expected impact.

Show Marketing’s Value

Measure ROI for each activity and campaign and show how marketing impacts the business.

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