Better tracking, accountability, and control

You’ve never had control over marketing spend like this before.

Keep your team more accountable with less effort, make more informed decisions, and #RunMarketing like a business.

Manage forecasts

As activities take shape and new information comes to light, marketers can easily update the forecasted spend, giving everyone insight into where the organization will end up.

Track investments

Tight integration with Procurement and Finance systems will ensure that you’re always on top of what you’ve spent, and what’s left to spend.

Execute with confidence

Kick off POs, projects and campaigns directly from Allocadia, thanks to our advanced integration framework.

Make easy work of financial management

With custom views of your budget, real-time access to details from your POs and actuals, and smart tagging and filtering, Allocadia keeps you on top of your marketing investments in a way that will make Finance sit up and take notice.

Allocadia’s interface is so easy and intuitive, you’ll actually enjoy managing and tracking your investments.

Allocadia Marketing Budget Management

“A reconciliation process that used to take me five days each month now takes me three or four hours.”

– Amanda Lomas, Director of Marketing Analytics, Change Healthcare

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Allocadia Marketing Budget Management

Know how you’re spending & react with agility

With precise and up-to-date knowledge of how your marketing organization is spending, you’ll know exactly how you’re performing against your targets and strategic objectives.

Allocadia paints a clear picture of the entire marketing organization’s spending. You can quickly identify areas of under- or over-spend and reallocate accordingly, or react with agility to special situations.

Every marketer on your team can manage the spend they’re responsible for, in one central place.

“At a leadership level, it’s all about having the intelligent ROI conversation. Not only managing our money, but also where we should be spending our money. That way, we can make better strategic decisions. ”

– David Cohen, Director of Business Planning

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A more efficient, easier way to manage marketing dollars

Spreadsheets can be a nightmare. They’re error-prone, force you into time-consuming manual processes, and force marketers to work in ‘silos’, where collaboration is virtually impossible.

Allocadia is as easy to use as a spreadsheet, but without all the issues that come with using one. Manual tasks like reconciliation of actuals become automated. No more mashing together various team members’ disparate spreadsheets or worrying about broken formulas.

Free up more of your team’s time

Our customers typically experience time savings of between 20% and 40% for their marketing planning processes compared with a manual, spreadsheet-based approach. Use our calculator to find out how much time & money your organization could save. 

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Helping you manage your marketing investments is just one part of what Allocadia can do for your organization. Read more:

Featured Resource

Your Marketing Budget: An Owner’s Manual

Daily Operation & Basic Maintenance

Broken workflows, interdepartmental squabbles and spreadsheet madness can all get in the way of smooth daily operation of your budget. That’s why we’ve created this Owner’s Manual.

The instructions inside will help you smooth out the daily operation of your budget, while reducing operator fatigue. It will also help you transform your budget from a headache into a source of strategic insight for your marketing team.