MPM is How Marketers Run their Team and Drive Business Impact

Marketing organizations are under more pressure than ever before to be accountable to the business.

Marketing Performance Management (MPM) is the answer to this challenge. With MPM, marketers can successfully align plans to corporate goals, strategically manage their investments, and connect their data for insights that give them the confidence where to invest their next dollar.

“The attributes of MPM sharply contrast to those of marketing measurement. If B2B marketing measurement represents what a driver sees in a car’s rearview mirror, then MPM serves as the headlights and the steering wheel of the car itself that improve both visibility and control for the driver.”

Allison Snow
Senior Research Analyst
Forrester Vendor Landscape

What is MPM? A 70-second Explainer Video

MPM is how you run marketing, while engaging with the customer is how you do marketing.

MPM technology delivers visibility into the core operational marketing data needed to optimize your plans, investments, and results.

Sales has CRM. Finance has ERP. Human Resources has HRMS. Marketers need MPM, their unique system of record.

MPM is:

  • Control. MPM means flexible systems and processes in order to run marketing with greater control.
  • Focus. With MPM, marketing teams have greater visibility into the goals, actions and outcomes that matter most to the business.
  • Confidence: MPM provides meaningful insights that empower marketers to optimize resources and make confident decisions.
  • Alignment: Marketers who embrace MPM can more easily align their goals with corporate objectives, so marketing marches in lockstep with the rest of the company.

MPM is not:

  • Attribution: Tactical attribution is part of MPM, but MPM’s focus is much broader.
  • About credit: MPM is about looking forward and making better decisions, not about after-the-fact debates.
  • Finance-led: Finance is a key partner in MPM, but the CMO and marketing team must own this practice.
  • Disconnected: MPM is about connecting goals, processes, systems, and data. It does not live in a silo.
  • Optional: A marketing team’s contributions are always on trial and must be proactively managed.

Marketers must invest in MPM now.

The status quo is costly, and the absence of MPM leads to:


6+ Days

is spent per person per quarter on planning, budgeting & measuring ROI. MPM can save up to 40% of that time!



of marketing spend is wasted and/or misaligned.




is the extra revenue you could drive by optimizing marketing spend.


How does Allocadia deliver Marketing Performance Management?

Every feature and action taken within our software helps our clients manage every stage of marketing performance, putting them on the path to better marketing performance and inspiring confidence.

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