The Power of Marketing Performance Management

MPM is How Marketers Run Their Teams and Create a World Class Customer Experience

Marketing Performance Management (MPM) is the use of people, process and technology to provide marketing organizations with:

  • Visibility into core data, investments and results
  • The control over dollars and resources
  • Alignment across plans and teams
  • The confidence to know what is working at what is not.

Sales has CRM. Finance has ERP. MPM technology gives marketing organizations the speed, agility, and visibility to optimize their work and maximize their results.

Running marketing is MPM, Doing marketing is executing campaigns. Marketers must excel at both to deliver business impact and a world class customer experience.

MRM is growing at 19% CAGR and will be a $3.6B market by 2023.

Adams, J., McBain, J., Skinner, R., Warner, R., Wizdo, L., VanBoskirk, S., Green, D., & Kumar, S. (2018, April 30). Forrester Data: Marketing Automation Technology Forecast, 2017 To 2023 (Global). Retrieved from

54% of CMOs have plans to or are adopting Marketing Performance Management software technology.

Wizdo, L., Robertson, C., Basseches, J., & Hartig, K. (2018, October 15). The Forrester Wave™: B2B Marketing Automation Platforms, Q4 2018. Retrieved from Forrester Wave B2B Marketing Automation Platforms Q4 2018/-/E-RES141625, See Figure #5

This strong focus around MPM from CMOs is connected to several other categories:

MRM: Content Marketing Platforms

This includes technologies that support plans to manage customer-facing content, and to deliver and orchestrate differentiated customer experiences across marketing channels. MPM is complimentary because marketing strategy and financial plan lives within MPM, the work around content is done in a CMP, and the measurement and optimization is done in MPM.

MRM: Work Management

This includes technologies that have consumer-grade usability to create common workspaces that act as an execution-level system across the organization. MPM is complimentary as it focuses specifically on marketing. The marketing strategy and financial plan lives within MPM, the project and task management is done in work management systems, and the measurement and optimization is done in MPM.

Enterprise Planning Management and Corporate Performance Management

This supports financial and corporate planning for the CFO supporting the entire organization. MPM is complimentary as it focuses specifically on marketing, translating and connecting the corporates plans and strategies to marketing strategy, plans, budgets, and measurements.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

This includes technologies that support the full analytic workflow — from data preparation and ingestion to visual exploration and insight generation. MPM is complimentary in two ways. First, it provides a new data set (the I in marketing ROI) this is necessary for any BI/Analytics team, and MPM technologies also have embedded BI that integrates into existing platforms.

Companies that adopt MPM will save time and money, while winning revenue and confidence.

Spend up to


less time on budgeting, planning and ROI measurement

Identify & reallocate


of spend to the best-performing programs


Stay within


of budget

Optimize marketing spend to drive a


increase in sales


Quantify the value of your opportunity for saving costs and driving extra revenue with our Business Value Calculator.


Bring confidence to every marketer in the world.

Leading CMOs are leveraging MPM and Allocadia to drive confidence and results through their entire marketing organization.

  • More Excellence

    “Allocadia enables a consistent ROI marketing framework that allows us to learn how our marketing plan is working, to make real time adjustments, and lift our overall performance as we strive for overall marketing excellence.”

    Bill Bien

    Bill Bien

    CMO, Signify (formerly Philips Lighting)

  • More Alignment

    “Every marketer in your organization is in charge of contributing to pipeline and revenue targets. And the way to achieve this is to centralize all your data on one platform where it is linked back to plan and budget. Every marketer needs visibility, not just the power users.”

    Renee Bonvanie
    Palo Alto Networks

    Renee Bonvanie

    CMO, Palo Alto Networks

  • More Revenue

    “With Allocadia, we have visibility into the data required to measure marketing ROI, enhancing our ability to make the decisions necessary to maximize marketing’s contribution to the organization.”

    Todd Wells

    Todd Wells

    Former GM, Marketing IT and Operations, Microsoft

  • More Control

    “Another recent addition to the martech stack is Allocadia, bringing additional investment reporting into the mix. The I is very important in ROI and we’re holding ourselves to this – our optimal metric this year to the company is an ROI metric.”

    Carrie Palin

    Carrie Palin

    CMO, Box

  • More Visibility

    “Allocadia is about visibility & transformation, enabling our team to execute and make investment decisions. Fundamentally, it’s about attracting the right investments & proving return.”

    Glen Thomas
    GE Healthcare

    Glenn Thomas

    CMO, GE Healthcare

  • More Confidence

    “The number one focus of a successful marketing organization is driving growth. Allocadia has enabled us to ensure marketing investment aligns to campaigns that drive revenue contribution, which in turn has improved marketing’s credibility and influence within the company.”

    Mike Marcellin
    Juniper Networks

    Mike Marcellin

    SVP and CMO, Juniper Networks

Delivering on operational effectiveness and data-driven insights is critical to today’s CMO. Allocadia is a core pillar in our strategy to gain insights on how marketing impacts the business.

Asim Zaheer

Asim Zaheer|CMO at Hitachi Vantara

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Global enterprises are making Allocadia an essential part of their award-winning marketing tech stacks:

MPM is about Running Marketing and the Marketer Experience. Learn more about the opportunity around the Marketer Experience