Centralized, strategically aligned, and more efficient

This is what marketing planning should look like.

Allocadia brings structure, visibility, and speed to your planning process so you can start doing marketing faster and with more confidence.

Set Objectives

Create and share departmental and team objectives that align with corporate goals. Easily track status and key results.

Establish Targets

Input your top-down allocation targets into Allocadia, so that you can easily see how your plans are shaping up against them as you go.

Build Plans

Add marketing activities and their planned costs. Submit requests for additions to your plan right inside Allocadia and manage the approvals process.

Get Aligned

Allocadia’s powerful tagging and meta-data capabilities help you tie programs and activities to specific goals and objectives that you define as a team.

“Managers have visibility into where we’re spending our marketing dollars and how close we are to plan.”

– Chethan Chandra, Senior Manager of Business Operations, VMware

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Everything about how you do marketing has changed. Shouldn’t the way you build your plans change, too?

With more than 5,000 MarTech vendors offering an increasingly wide range of increasingly powerful solutions, marketers have access to more technology than ever before. But most are still trying to build and manage marketing plans using outdated, generic tools like PowerPoint and Excel. This approach increases effort for all involved and elevates risks related to confidentiality, security, and duplication.

Allocadia’s cloud MPM platform streamlines and standardizes the planning process, reducing effort and risk so that marketers can #RunMarketing more effectively.

Don’t just plan. Plan for maximum impact.

The most successful marketers can demonstrate how their marketing plans fit in with the bigger picture of the business. Allocadia helps you do just that.

Plan to align to strategic corporate objectives

Marketers need to demonstrate how their plans support company-wide goals, and Allocadia makes it possible. Set department and team objectives with specific target results, and keep them visible throughout the year. Build and manage bottom-up plans and that align to each strategic objective.

Plan for rapidly changing business scenarios

Changes can come quickly and frequently in a marketing organization. Stay prepared by creating alternative scenarios for your marketing plan. When investment targets are boosted or cut because of changing circumstances in your business, you’ll be ready.

Plan for revenue performance

For revenue-driven marketers, nothing is more important in the planning process than quantifying the plan’s impact on company revenue. After inputting some key assumptions, funnel metrics and average deal sizes, you can get a complete, convenient view of the estimated leads, opportunities, pipeline, revenue and ROI generated by each line item in your marketing plan.

“Our marketers have become more accountable and better stewards of the dollars allocated to them. We can show progress and results in real time.”

– Charles Schwab Executive in charge of Marketing Technology

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Plan more strategically

Allocadia helps you solve the corporate alignment challenge once and for all. Our Strategic Planner gets you out of static PowerPoint presentations and into a cloud-based, always-on collaborative platform for creating and sharing strategic marketing plans that align perfectly with corporate objectives.

Set departmental and team objectives complete with target results and due dates.

Easily see how every marketing tactic connects to higher-level goals. Allocadia’s Strategic Planner helps you keep your team aligned and marching in lock-step every day. Because having a goal means nothing unless you’re measuring against it and being fully and visibly accountable.

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Allocadia Marketing Planning
Allocadia Marketing Planning

Plan for optimal impact

Finally — a better way to manage marketing budgets. No matter how big your marketing organization, Allocadia lets you manage every dollar spent.

You get instant visibility into the current state of your marketing investments by campaign, geography, business unit, product line or any other way you’d like. See where every dollar is going.

Armed with new clarity, you’ll be able to answer strategic business questions about your marketing investments, such as:

  • “How much have we planned to spend on Brand & Reputation next quarter?”
  • “What are the top 3 most popular activities across the organization?”
  • “Have we planned enough activities for the key stages in the customer journey?”
  • “Which teams/regions/products have not yet finished their planning process?”

Marketing planning is just one part of what Allocadia can do. Read more:

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