Closing the loop on marketing performance.

Now you can own the conversation on Marketing’s impact on the business.

Connecting results to investments is the only way to judge the value of a program or activity.

There are 3 ways Allocadia customers measure ROI.

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See the impact

Allocadia’s easy-to-read dashboards reveal the results you’re generating in real time. You’ll know at a glance how you’re stacking up against targets.

Pinpoint what’s working

Our powerful attribution engine reveals your tactical ROI winners and losers, offering greater accountability and showing you exactly where your plan is working, and where it isn’t.

Measure Marketing ROI

Finally: blend results from CRM with Allocadia’s investment data to see the real ROI of your marketing activities, and how you’re contributing to your strategic objectives.

The question isn’t where you spent your last dollar, it’s where you should spend your next one.

Allocadia’s powerful analytics give you the perspective you need to make smart tactical and investment decisions. We’ll help you answer questions like:

  • Are we at risk of under- or over-spending, and where?
  • Will we hit our pipeline target this quarter?
  • Which teams are aligned with our corporate objectives, and which ones aren’t?
  • Are we getting the return on investment we want from our marketing activities?
Allocadia Marketing Results Measurement

“Now we have real data and facts to support big decisions.”

– Chethan Chandra, Senior Manager of Business Operations, VMware

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Allocadia Marketing Results Measurement

The insights you need to make better strategic decisions

Running marketing well means having the resources to capitalize on opportunities – and the data to identify them. From tactical-level attribution to strategic-level ROI, Allocadia helps you answer key performance questions like “Which campaigns are best for top-of-funnel engagement?”, “Which marketing programs have been the most cost-effective this year?”, and “How much revenue is Marketing on track to drive by the end of this quarter?”

Allocadia’s marketing performance dashboards provide these answers, and more.

Get performance data by region, program family, and much more — all the way down to specific activities. You can slice and dice the data any way you like to get the answers and insights you need. Allocadia includes a powerful set of dashboards right out of the box, but we’ll also cater to your unique reporting needs.

The better visibility you have into your marketing performance, the more power you have to improve it.

Insights for every marketer

Every marketer at every level has a stake in the results being generated by your programs and activities. What they care about most depends on their role. Allocadia’s powerful analytics makes it easy for everybody to access the right insights at the right time.

The CMO focuses on the big picture of overall investment vs. revenue.

The Marketing Leader focuses more on the metrics pertaining to her immediate domain, be that channel or region or business unit.

Marketing Operations is most concerned with the accuracy and level of completion of all the building blocks of the marketing plan, and where people are over- or under-spending.

The Field Marketer wants to see where and how she’s influencing the pipeline and driving revenue so she can adjust her plans for maximum impact.

Allocadia can do it all. Every marketer can benefit from a complete understanding of which tactics are having the biggest impact.

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“Allocadia has helped us prove our contribution to the business, which has improved Marketing’s credibility with the company.”

– Alyssa Weber, Director of Marketing Infrastructure, Juniper Networks

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A single source of truth for marketing performance

With key data spread across a vast set of technologies, it’s often impossible to get a strong sense of the marketing picture. Without a unified platform to tie it together, all this valuable data will stay disconnected.

Allocadia centralizes all this data in a single system of record. Our software unifies the investment side of marketing (including budgets, plans, forecasts and actuals) with the returns side (including campaign performance, funnel metrics and opportunity data) to bring you a global, strategic view of ROI.

Read more about how Allocadia brings together data from all the technologies you use.

Marketing performance is just one part of what Allocadia can do for your marketing organization. Read more:

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