Allocadia equips marketing organizations to become revenue-driven.

Marketing Planning

Allocadia makes your organization’s marketing planning process more efficient and more strategic. Create, collaborate and share marketing plans that align with your company’s priorities. Forecast the ROI from your plans and predict their revenue impact.

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Allocadia Revenue Impact Planner

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Strategic Alignment: Marketing Planning with Allocadia

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Bring your marketing budgets into the cloud. Marketing teams of any size can collaborate to create and manage global budgets in any currency without cumbersome, error-prone spreadsheets. Take the pain out of daily marketing spend management.

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Performance Management

Allocadia gives marketing leaders complete visibility into their marketing performance. Allocadia integrates with CRM, finance, and marketing technology systems and offers powerful analytics, so CMOs can get quick and accurate insights into any aspect of marketing — from plans all the way through to revenue.

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Marketing Analytics - Allocadia

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Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Today your team may struggle with budget spreadsheets distributed around your business. Allocadia provides a familiar Excel-like interface that is easy to use, but avoids the inevitable errors.

Get Visibility into Investments

Consolidating spreadsheets to answer business questions takes time and is error-prone. With Allocadia, you can track everything about your spend – forecasts, commits and actuals – and consolidate with Purchase Order and invoice data.

Make Marketing Plans Strategic

Build marketing plans that link marketing spend to strategic objectives. When your planning starts with the desired result, your team stays aligned, and stakeholders stay informed on where and why marketing is spending.

Collaborate Without the Chaos

Ensure alignment on marketing priorities by including the people who actually own budgets in the planning process. Combine top-down plans with bottom-up detail and let Allocadia take care of the roll-ups and consolidation.

Connect to Marketing Results

CRM and marketing automation platforms capture great results metrics, but are not linked to marketing spend. With Allocadia, you can connect to these systems and get clarity on your marketing return on investment.

Quickly Answer Business Questions

With built-in marketing attribution, Allocadia delivers powerful dashboards and reports to help you quickly answer the C-Suite’s questions on forecasts or marketing contribution.

Activate Your Revenue-driven Marketing Team

Track all your investments and results in one place to help your team go beyond reporting to understanding the ultimate marketing goal –predicting revenue.

A System of Record for Marketing Teams

By combining operational marketing data with other business systems such as CRM and ERP, Allocadia delivers complete visibility into marketing performance. See also: Allocadia Cloud Exchange

The Path to Performance

At Allocadia, we work with our customers to guide them on their own ‘Path to Performance’. Every marketing organization is different, but all of them want to better understand their investments and returns and ultimately measure how they impact the business in terms of how marketing drives revenue. Typical organizations start with managing their marketing budgets, then they align to corporate objectives and plans, set targets, track actuals, and eventually measure and optimize their return on investment. By connecting to your finance, corporate budgets, CRM, resource management, marketing automation, and social media systems Allocadia gives you the most complete view of your marketing performance.

Allocadia Revenue-Driven Marketing Diagram

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