Allocadia is the Marketing Performance Management platform you need to #RunMarketing.

Allocadia Product Overview - Plans


Allocadia is designed to centralize and streamline your organization’s strategic and tactical marketing planning processes.

Create, collaborate and share marketing plans that align with your company’s key objectives. Forecast the return on investment from your plans and predict their revenue impact.

Allocadia’s flexible architecture and hierarchy lets you easily implement standardized campaign-based frameworks or build your marketing plan to suit your unique requirements.

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Gain complete control over your marketing investments with a cloud platform that tracks your funds and statuses in real time.

Know exactly how much of your budget is committed and where you have room to invest more at a glance. Streamline the procurement process through powerful workflows and collaborate more strategically with Finance.

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Allocadia Product Overview - Investments
Allocadia Product Overview - Results


Allocadia gives marketers complete visibility into their impact on the business and the ROI of their activities.

Our platform integrates with CRM, finance, and marketing technology systems for quick and accurate insights into every stage of marketing — from plans all the way through to revenue.

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The magic of bringing it all together

Connecting marketing plans and investments to the results they’re driving is the secret to measuring marketing ROI.

Merging these three core elements is the only way to achieve truly transformational marketing insights.

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Katherine Berry
Chief Product Officer and Co-founder

“The Allocadia platform is unique for two reasons. The first is that we merge plans, investments and results to give marketers unparalleled insights.

The second is how we do it. Behind the scenes, we pair incredibly strong enterprise-class technology with an exceptional product team that collaborates with our customers day in and day out to co-create a platform that delivers tremendous value.

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The Marketing Performance Management Journey

Whether you’re just embarking on the path to better marketing performance, or you’re well on your way, there’s always room for improvement. We work with our customers to guide them along their journey from static to fully optimized marketing organizations. From spreadsheets to cloud collaboration. From financial darkness to enlightenment. And from guesswork about marketing’s impact to data-driven ROI.