Reduce Complexity of Marketing Planning & Budgeting

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Coming from a world of spreadsheets to a tool that actually allows me to have visibility and insight into what’s going on in the world is invaluable. Transparency drives better decisions.

Helena Lewis

Helena Lewis|Sr. Group Manager, Global Marketing Operations & Technology

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Spreadsheet chaos

Spreadsheets weren’t designed for marketing planning and budgeting. Marketers that use them struggle with version control, massive excel files, and multiple approaches to the same process.

Past performance is missing

Businesses often start with last year’s budget and slightly adjust it. Without seeing how well each component of last year’s budget performed, the approval and performance of next year’s investments are at risk.

Missing the forest for the trees

Businesses with tons of marketers struggle to see the big picture, and determine if the organization is set up to meet its goals.

Nearly half (47%) of CMOs still depend on basic budgeting methods that roll last year’s budget into the next financial period or incrementally apply a percentage increase or decrease to last year’s budget. Budgeting immaturity presents significant risks to CMOs.

Gartner, CMO Spend Survey

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Allocadia’s Solution

Allocadia enables an impactful, transparent and aligned marketing planning and budgeting process.

Put spreadsheets to shame. Benefit from a dynamic and flexible solution to build all budgets and plans.
Create plans that align with company objectives, forecast return on investment, and predict revenue and pipeline impact.
Ensure an optimal investment mix across stage of the customer journey, product line, segment, and activity type.
Invite people to collaborate on plans and budgets. Ensure the right people have access to the right data.
Set up the right metadata, data structure and connections so that once the plan is executed, insights come together easily

Benefits for Marketers

Save time

Ditch the spreadsheets and create plans and budgets in a simple, consistent and streamlined way.

Prepare for success

Know in advance the impact the plan and budget will have on different goals and make the best decisions before execution begins.

Have confident conversations

Empower marketing executives to defend their budget and show the company that they have control over their strategy and will earn a return on investment.

Nielsen says senior marketing executives spend up to 30 percent of their time, or 1.5 days a week, trying to make sense of their budgets.

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