How to Overcome the Top 4 Roadblocks to Better Marketing Performance

By April 4, 2019Webinars

As a marketing leader, you know the pressure is on to prove marketing’s impact on the business. To do that, you need to excel at Marketing Performance Management (MPM). Done right, MPM helps solve the problems with dislocated data, misaligned teams, and inefficient processes so you can spend less time running marketing and more time on what you love, doing marketing.

MPM pioneers Allocadia, Origami Logic, Response Capture and VisionEdge Marketing teamed up to publish a 3-part eBook series, The Great Big Guide to Marketing Performance Management.

In this webinar, they reveal how to overcome the 4 key MPM challenges:

  • Justifying the marketing investment plan and winning C-suite support
  • Equipping your team for execution success
  • Benchmarking best practices for the best results
  • Graduating from measuring tactical results to measuring true Marketing value