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Tyler Douglas

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

The CMO has to stand up and prove how Marketing acquires new customers, drives revenue, and in many cases turns customers into loyal and vocal advocates. That means building a high-performance team and equipping it with the right tools and information to deliver impact — and then prove that impact to the organization.

Here’s how Allocadia supports CMO goals:

Allocadia is a platform for ensuring top-down strategic marketing plans are well documented and clearly communicated across the organization.

Get visibility into how the team is aligning to strategic objectives.

Allocadia provides instant access to global spend status: are we spending in the right areas to reach our goals? Where are we over or under plan, and why?

Finally — get accurate, real-time marketing ROI that closes the loop between marketing spend and sales results.

Add all this up, and you have all the data you need to make faster, better decisions.

The Marketing Leader

Ryan Danner

Director, Global Marketing

The Marketing Leader – head of a region, brand, or channel – shares many of the same responsibilities as the CMO, only for a smaller scope. She’s accountable for her team’s performance and contribution to the company, and needs the resources and insights to make the most of those.

Here’s how Allocadia helps the Marketing Leader:

Allocadia provides clarity and visibility into overall marketing objectives to ensure everyone knows the destination.

Collaborate with your team on building out detailed marketing plans, complete with investment scenarios and integrations with key Do Marketing systems for easier execution.

Gain real-time insight into both committed and available spend without depending on Finance for help.

Only Allocadia helps you understand exactly how each program and activity impacts the pipeline, and what it cost to get there.

At the end of the day, you need a wealth of information to make key decisions about what to do next. Get it all in one place with Allocadia.

Marketing Operations

Susan Vanin

Director, Global Marketing Operations

Marketing Operations plays a critical role in building alignment across teams, processes and programs in the marketing organization. They manage everything from improving operational efficiencies to streamlining technologies and reporting on analytics to the CMO. Marketing Operations wants to be less of a service center and more of a strategic advisor to the rest of the marketing team – they just need the right tools and information.

Here’s why Marketing Operations pros love Allocadia:

A standardized marketing taxonomy and planning structure that ensures every Marketing team member reads from the same playbook, whether from a formal framework like SiriusDecisions or your own unique view.

Seamless integration with other core marketing technologies.

One place to connect investments to results to show the impact Marketing has on the business.

From spend management to attribution to ROI, Allocadia includes a powerful analytics and reporting engine that exposes key insights and helps drive better decision making.

The Marketer

Christina Rea

Marketing Campaigns Manager

Marketers come in many stripes: events, email, social, outdoor, print, etc. What they all have in common is a target audience, a tactical toolbox, and a budget. Their job is to get the best value for money, which requires them to know what’s working and what isn’t, and where they have financial room to maneuver.

How Allocadia facilitates the work Marketers do:

Time is money. Allocadia helps marketers spend less time planning and more time marketing. That’s instant ROI right there.

Clear visibility into the bigger marketing and corporate goals to help guide decisions.

Easily project how much revenue each program and activity will drive.

Instant access to spend status: what’s committed, and what’s left for a given period.

Finally, a single place to go to see the results being generated by every campaign and activity, and how much it cost to get there. Now the Marketer can own the ROI conversation along with the CMO.


Carey Rutigliano

Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

The CFO owns the company’s official financial position, and seeks to be a strategic partner with all other departments. When it comes to marketing, the CFO wants to know that spend is occurring as planned and fully aligned with where the business wants to go.

Here’s how Allocadia benefits the CFO & Finance teams:

Thanks to a secure integration with the financial system of record, Marketing always works off approved numbers.

Real-time visibility into every stage of marketing spend — planned, forecast, and actual — without having to spend cycles digging it up.

Finally, a proper accrual and amortization system that Marketing can actually use on their own, resulting in greater budget accuracy and less back-and-forth time.

A reduction of up to 90% in time spent reconciling POs and invoices because Marketing is doing it themselves, mapped to the right GL codes.

With the details taken care of and everyone reading from the same playbook, the CFO and CMO can collaborate strategically, not reactively.


Scott MacGregor

Manager, Marketing Operations

IT is the steward of your corporate technology infrastructure — or at least most of it. They’re responsible for your organization’s data security and a wide range of compliance requirements based on your industry. They need confidence that the software you want won’t compromise the standards they’ve put in place.

Why it’ll be easy to gain your IT group’s support for Allocadia:

Allocadia complies with the Security SOC2 Trust Service Principle, audited annually by Deloitte. Our information risk management program is aligned to ISO 27001, 27002, 27005, and 27036.

Allocadia is a hardened, resilient cloud application with redundant security protocols throughout the software and infrastructure stack. Our database does not contain any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about your customers.

Our platform is highly scalable to support thousands of concurrent users across thousands of budgets, supported by a geographically redundant infrastructure that ensures high availability and performance.

Our industry-standard API allows seamless integration with virtually any other system, including all leading enterprise marketing platforms.

Allocadia is a market-proven enterprise marketing performance management platform trusted by global innovators including Microsoft, Symantec, IBM, Charles Schwab, VMWare, and Red Hat.

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