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Take Control of Marketing’s Investments

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Before Allocadia, we couldn’t answer the question ‘How much did we spend on demand generation in a specific region?’ within a day. Now, we can.

Chethan Chandra|Former Senior Manager of Business Operations


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Lack of visibility

With marketing spend scattered across spreadsheets, emails, and files in random locations, marketers struggle to see how much money is being spent, where it is being spent, and when it will hit the books.

Conflicting processes

Finance teams tend to organize budget and spend in ways that marketers don’t understand and can’t relate to. Marketers spend hours reconciling budgets and invoices.

Missing the target

Without accurate numbers, marketers tend to overspend, underspend, or spend at the wrong time, leading to a lack of trust in marketing. Marketers scramble to spend their budget in an effective and agile way.

CMOs need to assure the board that marketing budgets do not become a black box activity. Without concrete analysis, trust erodes.

Deloitte, Redefining the CMO

Redefining the CMO

Allocadia’s Solution

Allocadia enables marketers to take control and have confidence of their budget. Marketers can easily track and manage marketing spend by organizing budgets and spend in one place.

View how much is planned to spend, where and when it will be spent, how much has been spent so far, and how much is left.
Enable marketers to manage spend within the same budget without worrying about version control issues, formula errors, or other spreadsheet headaches.
Automate financial data flowing into Allocadia from finance systems and simplify the reconciliation process.
Track over- or under-spend for each budget line item, program, and department.
Quickly view the marketing investment mix – target versus forecast versus spend – and course correct when needed.

Benefits for Marketers

Escape from spreadsheet chaos

Get marketing spend data in one place and keep it up to date without manual processes and unnecessary data entry. Save time and hassle.

Simplify financial management for marketers

Translate complex financial processes into a language that marketers speak. Connect the way finance tracks spend with the way marketers build their budgets.

Get a confident “I”

Build an accurate data source around marketing investments – the “I” in ROI – and set your organization up to create transparency benefits.

In terms of managing our budgets, we’ve reduced the amount of manual input by 66%.

David Cohen|VP Business Planning, Palo Alto Networks

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Take Control of Marketing’s Investments

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