Allocadia MPM Cloud Technology Platform

Marketing is faster and more complex than ever before, both generating and consuming more data as marketers seek to deliver greater impact on the business. The tools and platforms in play have to hold up under pressure. That’s why we’ve engineered Allocadia from the ground up to meet the demands of modern marketers.

The Allocadia MPM cloud platform comprises several interconnected technology layers that work together to deliver a powerful and responsive experience in marketing performance management. The platform supports a wide variety of organizations and marketing team sizes, across different B2B and B2C verticals.

Our Technology Philosophy



From day one being open has been in our DNA. We have built a solid foundation for integrations to enable you to leverage your new data and streamline your marketing processes from “run” to “do”. Read more about our integrations.



We crowd-source your global marketing plans with an elegant user interface that enables all marketers to create plans effortlessly. In essence your marketers create your data model together.

New Data

New Data

We bring you new sources of data that have historically resided in spreadsheets and presentations (or on a napkin!). Capture strategic objectives, results targets and forecasts, and more.



With new data constantly being inputted into our platform across our market-leading enterprise customer base, we are able to share insights back to marketing organizations around core operational data points that serve as performance guideposts.



We have served the needs of midsize and large enterprises since day one. We have built our systems to be reliable, scalable and secure, including SOC2 certification.



We quickly learned that our platform needed to be configurable to make the marketers we serve truly successful. But this has never come at the expense of being prescriptive! We have best-practice processes and templates as well as standardized professional services implementations. Learn more about our customer experience.

Allocadia MPM Platform Overview

The layers of the Allocadia platform work together to connect all the data, manage all your plans and investments, and ultimately provide insight needed to measure and optimize marketing performance. Let’s take a look at each of these layers, starting at the top:

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Intuitive Marketer End-User Experiences

The focus here is on how every marketer uses Allocadia to measure and manage marketing performance more effectively and efficiently. We work closely with our customers to define and deliver a complete set of experiences for building marketing plans, managing investments, and tracking impact on the business. Our interfaces enable marketers to create new data that answers key business questions including:

  • How much have we spent, where, and on which types of activities?
  • What are we forecasting to spend?
  • Is our spending aligned with our plans and corporate objectives?
  • What do we invest in if our budget changes?
  • What is our targeted and actual return on marketing investments?

Comprehensive Marketer-Specific Capabilities

Allocadia users draw on a broad array of tools to make easy work of building and managing marketing plans and investments. The familiar spreadsheet-like interface helps drive adoption and lowers the learning curve for new users, whether they’re field marketers managing specific plan elements or Marketing Operations tasked with maintaining data integrity and taxonomy standards. Features include in-cell calculations, multi-currency management, scenario analysis, funding requests & approvals. Combined the features provide a consistent structure and repeatable processes that are easily adopted across the Marketing organization, enabling better collaboration and standardization.

Open Integration and Intelligence Framework

Allocadia’s highly flexible integration framework enables a much-needed central system of record for marketing performance data. Plans & investment data in Allocadia can be easily blended with spend data from finance and results data from sales to achieve a holistic view of marketing’s impact on the business – securely and in real time. For example:

Core marketing systems integration

Allocadia provides native connectors for, Marketo, Eloqua and IBM Campaign Automation. These connectors use the cloud APIs available from these systems to pull in a variety of data elements from campaign objects and their associated results and metrics. Imported campaigns can be associated with items in the Allocadia investment and results hierarchy. Support for additional marketing automation systems can be handled via a flat file import mechanism.

CRM integration

CRM systems are where results are logged, whether as pipeline or bookings. Allocadia’s integration framework allows for easy transfer of data to or from these systems to enable clear association of investments to results.

Finance systems integration

Expenditure data can be imported via a simple flat file. In addition to standard fields, custom fields can be defined for import. Source/target mappings can be configured by an administrator. This import process can occur manually via the application user interface or via on a customer-defined scheduled basis via an automated, encrypted file transfer process. Once imported, a robust rule-based mapping engine allows the automatic association of expenditure records with items in the Allocadia investment hierarchy.

Other systems integration

From analytics tools to procurement systems and beyond, Allocadia’s integration framework offers easy hooks to manage your data and workflows as you need. Our Solution Architecture team is equipped to explore and understand customer requirements and map out the required integration plans.

Allocadia includes an embedded cloud business intelligence tool to create and deliver reports and dashboards. However, if your company uses a business intelligence or data visualization platform, you can easily export Allocadia data there to create and share the reports you want.

Powerful and Flexible Data Model

Allocadia is designed to support a broad range of industries, best practices, and marketing team sizes. The platform offers a variety of ways to capture and work with data related to planning and investments. Our data model allows for ultimate flexibility in how plans are built and visualized. Dynamic capabilities including in-cell calculations, tagging, commenting, and drag-and-drop manipulation keep the activity workspace fluid and responsive, essential requirements for today’s modern marketers.

Enterprise-Class Cloud Technology

Allocadia’s modern cloud architecture satisfies even the most demanding teams and environments, with the scalability, availability, and security you expect for your mission-critical applications.

99.9% uptime via our tier-1 hosting facilities

  • Allocadia partners with Amazon Web Services, a leader in modern cloud hosting, to manage its physical data center and associated network and hardware infrastructure
  • Allocadia targets of 99.9% uptime excluding scheduled maintenance, and 99.5% uptime include scheduled maintenance. We have historically come in at or above these targets through a series of system monitoring tooling and redundant systems to ensure the highest possible availability.
  • Data is backed up multiple times per day and archived for a minimum of 6 months, with a strong Disaster Recovery process in place.

Stringent server- and application-layer security protocols

  • All communications with Allocadia are occur over an encrypted channel
  • Policies enforce strong passwords, and industry best practices are employed around storage of credentials
  • Sessions expire after a defined period. Explicit authorization is required to access resources within Allocadia
  • Protection is in place against known web application vulnerabilities including but not limited to cross-site scripting, session fixation attacks, SQL injection and cross-site request forgery
  • An exhaustive user audit trail is available
  • Servers are hardened using industry best practices related to user accounts, credential management and remote administration
  • System software is kept up to date with the latest security patches and updates.

SOC2 compliant and conforming to a range of ISO standards

  • Allocadia maintains SOC 2 compliance and undergoes continuing audits for SOC 2 and other 3rd party security at consistent intervals. Allocadia will continue to perform SOC 2 compliance confirmations and other 3rd party tests and audits in the future. Read more: Allocadia’s 2016 SOC Compliance Overview (PDF)
  • Internal automated security scans are performed and resulting issues addressed with each new product release.

Allocadia powers every stage of the Marketing Performance Management process, from plans to investments to results. Here's How