Core Architecture

Arbitrary Rows and Columns

In Allocadia, rows represent investment or return categories and line items. Any number of rows can be defined in a hierarchical manner with any number of levels of nesting. Columns represent the fields to store for each row. Any number of columns can be defined. The intersection of rows and columns are cells where individual data values are stored.

Dimensional Attributes

In addition to currency column types Allocadia supports a variety of others including numeric, freeform text, single and multi-value picklists, and dates allowing users to associate additional business meta-data with rows for later grouping/analysis.

Built-In Calculation Engine

Values inherently and instantly subtotal up vertically to parent categories. In addition, calculated columns can be defined based on arbitrary calculation expressions, eg: Actual – Plan = Variance.

Hierarchical permissions

Several levels of access are available including but not limited to view, edit, and delete. User can be assigned these entitlements at arbitrary levels of the row hierarchy and those permissions cascade down unless revoked downstream in the hierarchy.

Other Marketing Performance Management-Driven Features

Cells can be tagged with configurable values. Columns can be locked once values have been committed to. Multiple currencies can be supported and normalized.

Data Integration


Any expenditure data can be imported via a simple flat file. In addition to standard fields, custom fields can be defined for import. Source/target mappings can be configured by an administrator. This import process can occur manually via the application user interface or via on a customer-defined scheduled basis via an automated, encrypted file transfer process. Once imported, a robust rule-based mapping engine allows the automatic association of expenditure records with items in the Allocadia investment hierarchy.

Marketing Automation

Allocadia provides native connectors for, Marketo, Eloqua and HootSuite. These connectors use the cloud APIs available from these systems and pull in a variety of data elements surrounding campaign objects and their associated results and metrics. Imported campaigns can be associated with items in the Allocadia investment and results hierarchy. Support for additional marketing automation systems can be handled via a flat file import mechanism.


Application security

  • All communications with Allocadia are enforced to occur via an encrypted channel.
  • Policies enforce strong passwords and industry best practices are employed around storage of credentials.
  • Sessions expire after a defined period. Explicit authorization is required to access resources within Allocadia.
  • Protection is in place against known web application vulnerabilities including but not limited to cross-site scripting, session fixation attacks, SQL injection and cross-site request forgery.
  • An audit trail of user actions is available.

Network security

  • Allocadia partners with Amazon Web Services, a leader in modern cloud hosting, to manage it’s physical data center and associated network and hardware infrastructure.
  • Firewalls are in place with only the minimum required ports enabled.
  • Servers are hardened using industry best practices related to user accounts, credential management and remote administration.
  • System software is kept up to date with the latest security patches and updates.

Audits and Compliance

Allocadia has achieved SOC 2 compliance and undergoes continuing audits for SOC 2 and other 3rd party security at consistent intervals. In addition, internal automated security scans are performed and resulting issues addressed with each new product release. Allocadia will continue to perform SOC 2 compliance confirmations and other 3rd party tests and audits in the future.

Read more: Allocadia’s 2016 SOC Compliance Overview (PDF)

Allocadia SOC Certification Audit
Further details are available in the Allocadia Security White Paper, available upon request.


Allocadia has targets of 99.9% uptime excluding scheduled maintenance and 99.5% uptime include scheduled maintenance. We have historically come in at or above these targets. Allocadia uses a series of system monitoring tooling and redundant systems to ensure the highest available possible. Data is backed up multiple times per day and archived for a minimum of 6 months. A Disaster Recovery process is in place; more information can be shared about this upon request.